The Boy S2, did it live up to s1?

So I finished watching The Boys s2 since Amazon released the final episode on Friday. Overall, while I do think it was fantastic, I still feel like s1 was far superior and there are a few nitpicks I’ve gotta make for this new season.


Photo Credit: Amazon Prime

So, in a nutshell, this season we’re introduced to a new member of the seven; Stormfront. At first, she comes off as a headstrong no bullshit type of character which either annoys the viewer at first or has you rooting for her for not taking anyone’s shit, especially Homelanders. That’s quickly changed when you find out she’s a literal nazi who doesnt age and who practically is the mother of all supes, given that Vought used her DNA to make other super powered beings.

She tries getting Homelander on board with her agenda so that they can kill minorities and get the government to administer the drugs to make even more super powered beings. Those plans are thwarted when the boys receive a little help from A-train showing proof to the public about the nature of Stormfronts true identity. Butcher is left to make a tough decision after his wife gets accidentally killed by her and Homelanders son, purely in self defense. Stormfront gets her ass beaten by Starlight, Maeve, and Karen and ultimately gets Anakin Skywalker’d by Homelanders son Ryan.

So, the highlights. I really dug Stormfront and Homelanders villainy and thought they make for great tv and a great evil pairing. I feel like the rest of the seven(except for Starlight and Maeve) were very much sidelined in favor of those two since not much was done with them this season. You have The Deep drinking fresca(damn I need to try it) trying to prove his worth to make it back in the seven. Same thing with A-Train. Black Noirs weakness is Almond Joy(lol) and Maeve gets outed by Homelander as a lesbian to the media.

Anthony Starr who plays Homelander and Karl Urban who plays Billy the Butcher continue to dominate in their roles and are easily my personal favorite parts of the show. I like the conflict that was presented this season with the politics and making test subjects into supers because while Vought Corp may be a fictional in universe company, it very much resembles real big time companies we all know today. I wont name them but I’m sure you can think of a few. Acting is great, same with the cgi. The season however didn’t quite flow for me and was very slow in a lot of areas. The finale of the season kinda didn’t sit right with me either because all it did was return everything back to status quo.

All in all, I feel like this season didnt top the first one which completely broke the superhero genre in interesting ways. It wasn’t bad either. I think I may just be too spoiled when it comes to binging shows all in one go instead of taking in weekly episodes. Overall, I’m still giving this crazy ride a 7/10.

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