The Haunting of Bly Manor, is it worth the watch?

*Nonspoiler review don’t you worry*

I’ll start off by saying that I haven’t watched this shows previous predecessor The Haunting of Hill House. I didn’t even know if this was a direct sequel or prequel to that show, but luckily thanks to some twitter friends, they told me they are completely different stories and that this is more of an anthology series, similar to American Horror Story. With that being said, my expectations going into this were pretty mid level.

Since, we’re in the Halloween/spooky season, I figured at the very least, I would get a few scares out of this. I came for the scary stories, and made it out with a ghost/love story and it really exceeded my expectations. The twists were really really well done, and there was just so many clever moments in this, I was just sitting back enjoying every moment. There are a few characters here that I don’t care for all too much, but the lead protagonist Danielle, played by Victoria Pedretti and Hannah played by T’Nia Miller were easily the standouts of the series for me. The world building was done exceptionally well too, since the narrative takes its time fleshing the imporatnt events out to you.

This is one I would definitely recommend to the ones looking for something a little more that just the scares and thrills. I thought this was fantastic and will now have to seek out the first season of the series. It’s absolutely worth the watch for me.

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