Welcome To The Blumhouse

Amazon Prime has premiered Blumhouse’s 4 feature length films for the spooky October season. The films include Nocturne, Black Box, Evil Eye, and The Lie. Finally completed watching all 4 this week since I was watching 1 a day. Here’s how I rank them. (Don’t worry, no spoilers)

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So, first I’ll tell you the exact order I saw them in. I started with Evil Eye, The Lie, Black Box, and then finished off with Nocturne. My favorite of the bunch? Nocturne. The eerie music, and the atmosphere is similar to that of Black Swan, only instead of ballet, it involves a piano player obsessed with beating her sister for an important orchestral solo performance. It was a bit slow at times but I enjoyed the supernatural vibes all throughout that kept creeping in. For me, this one was the “scariest” of the bunch and my favorite of the releases.

In second place, I’m going to place The Lie. There are several moments that will make you tear your hair off because of how frustrating character actions are in the movie, but even then, I was still very much compelled to see it through, if only to see how the consequences of their actions played out. There are a few twists in the movie that aren’t by any means groundbreaking, but they’re serviceable. Strong cast, and great performances. This movie is more of a suspense genre with very slow moving sections all throughout, but that didn’t deter the overall experience for me. The premise was interesting enough and you can understand why the characters were doing what they were doing. I mean parents would do anything for their child right?

In third, I’ll be placing Black Box. This one gave me major black mirror vibes. The genre itself, a mix of sci-fi with a pinch of thriller. I had a hard time placing this one since it was a toss up between this one and The Lie. Again, great performances overall, sometimes it felt longer than it should’ve been but I think this movie had the most interesting and creative concept out of all of them but with a cliché ending. (I saw that coming)

In last place, I’ll place Evil Eye. It was the first I saw of the bunch and I just couldn’t get into it. This movie is basically about a curse placed unto a mother, and now her daughter is also suffering the consequences. It didn’t hold up my interest and I was just waiting for it to to be over. I thought it was boring. So I’ll leave it at that.

Overall, I did enjoy 3 out of the 4 movies. While they weren’t groundbreaking pieces of cinema, I would still recommend watching all 4. They were all completely different in terms of feel and theme, which is a good thing since it leaves each one with their own identity, and because they were all so different, I’m sure at the very least, 1 of them is bound to hit the right marks for you. If you already enjoy Blumhouse films, then you’ll enjoy these.

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