The Craft Legacy. Unworthy Follow Up?

What do you get, when you get a sequel to a film that came out 20+years ago? A very loose connection to the previous film that’s both tonally different, yet tries to copy all the best bits from its predecessors.

I think my biggest gripe and grievance with this film was that it felt like another YA film, and I guess it’s my fault for thinking it would be dark and more gothic as the other film was. I really didn’t like how the magic was presented in the film as some type of cutesy super powers, but like I said, I recognize that this is my fault for expecting any different. I feel like the story as a whole loses focus from the main girls plenty of times throughout the film causing really bad pacing issues and storytelling. I do believe the actresses performed well, I just didn’t like the story the movie had to tell. I feel like this one could’ve just been retitled something differently, and it wouldn’t have mattered at all. If I could compare this to something similar, I’d say it falls more in line with the tv show Sabrina. The little cameo at the end was cool though. All 3 seconds of it. I’d say, if you’re a fan of the original, skip this, unless you don’t mind seeing a movie aimed for the younger adult audience.

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