Spider-Man Miles Morales. A strong follow up.

There was high anticipation for the follow up to the previous Spider-Man PS4 game, and while I personally still feel like the first was better, Insomniac games has nothing to be ashamed of with this one. I did play this on a PS4 since a PS5 is out of the question for the foreseeable future, so I experienced some laggy segments on screen, but I suspect it was due to how many characters/npc’s were on screen. Below is a list of my pros and cons for this game:


  • Music was a perfect blend of orchestral tunes with the trap beat drums suitable for Miles
  • Miles’ powers were extra fun to work with
  • Swinging feels more refined than the last game making it more fun
  • The game graphics are up to par as the last game, more so if you’re playing it on a PS5 from what I’ve seen


  • Game was shorter than the first, about 8-10 hours to play the main campaign. I personally don’t mind it, but I can see why others would
  • Main story wasn’t compelling enough for me personally, and I feel a lot of story beats were hit or miss.
  • Weak villains, but I blame it mostly on the writing, and this area of the game had big shoes to fill, which I don’t think it lived up to.

Overall, if you enjoyed the first game, then you’ll deinifetely enjoy this one too. I had tons of fun with it and really look forward to where they take the series next.


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