The Mandalorian S2 A Love Letter to Star Wars Fans

We are 5 episodes into season 2 of The Mandalorian with 3 more to go to finish off the season, and every episode has brought more big adventures for Mando and the Child. While I loved s1, I think I have to say that s2 so far has surpassed the level of s2. The series is essentially a space western set in the SW universe, diving deep into the lore, and making surprising connections to other properties fans can only ever dream of. If you’ve not started the series, it’s honestly so much fun, you don’t even need to be a huge SW fan to enjoy this. I’ve gotten plenty of people to watch it that don’t really care at all about the franchise yet have grown hugely fond of the characters and the story this series wants to tell. If you’re a SW fan, then what are you waiting for? *Spoilers from here on out after the picture below.*

Photo Courtesy of Disney+

So much has happened this season, huge revelations, connections to other Star Wars properties such as Clone Wars and Rebels, and lets not forget, the return of beloved characters from the past. The fans will be rewarded coming into this series, as there are so many callbacks and connections that this series has while keeping it’s own unique identity, never having any of the side characters upstage our main duo Mando and the child (or should I say Grogu). Every week I’m excited to tune in to see where the adventure leads to next. This last episode 5, was truly the best for me personally. Showrunner Dave Filoni directed this episode and brought in Ahsoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson. Truly one of the best most rewarding moment to witness such a beloved character from Star Wars Clone Wars, and to play such a huge asset to the overarching story, leading Mando on his way to help Grogu(not baby Yoda anymore haha) find his own path. Just hearing Grogu’s backstory had me in tears.

The season has been upping it’s game and stakes progressively, and it’s so exciting to see where we go from here. There are so many little story threads happening all around, the show really does feel like it’s a living breathing Star Wars universe without feeling crammed. Do yourselves a favor, once again, watch it. I’ll still be tuning in every Friday.

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