Selena, a fresh take on the legend we all know

Selena is a two part series that tells the story of the young singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez’ rise to fame. Right off the bat, the show has its own unique identity from the 1997 Jennifer Lopez film(yes I had to bring it up since I know most of you will). The best part about this series is that it not only focuses on Selena, but her family as well, detailing the struggles and sacrifices they had to make to make their dreams a reality.

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

The new series breathes a fresh telling of the comeuppance of Selena, while also fleshing out other aspects that had yet been explored in previous adaptations. The series emphasizes the role of family and the struggle of being Latina and trying to make it big in the industry. Christian Serratos plays the lead, and I have to say, she is very captivating. She truly shines in the role. If you already know how this story ends, then the ending of this series makes for a great bookend to part one. I definitely recommend it. It’s story is familiar enough to see the many tell signs of what happened in real life, and how you may feel about the family today whether negatively or positively, while also giving a different aspect of the story all together.

Selena: The Series premieres on December 4th, 2020 on Netflix.

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