Giving Voice, an uplifting and inspiring journey

Netflix’s Giving Voice, is a documentary on the August Wilson Monologue Competition, where hundreds of aspiring students compete performing various soliloquys from one of Wilson’s many plays. The competition was created in Wilson’s honor to celebrate his many achievements and impact as a playwright. The documentary gives a beautiful look into the students competing at the competition, in hopes of getting to act out their soliloquy in front of a Broadway audience.

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

The documentary which is directed by James Stern and Fernando Viller, focuses on the students and their stories, more so than the competition itself. It’s about how these plays have impacted and resonated within their lives. There are many moments in which you get a deep dive on the actors emotional upbringing, and how their connection to these plays have impacted their lives in one way or another. Some plays, out rightly giving confidence in the students daring to branch out.

Giving Voice effectively does just what it set out to do, to give a voice to black youth, and confidently cement their journeys in celebration of a talented man who gave inspiration to a generation.

Giving Voice releases globally on Netflix on December, 11th, 2020.

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