My experience trying to get a refund for Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4

I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows by now this game is a huge bust on PS4 and Xbox One consoles. It runs ok on PS5, PC and next gen, albeit still riddled with bugs/glitches, but it specifically does not run well at all on the previous gen consoles, where most of the fanbase is. CD Projekt Red has admitted via their twitter that they’re sorry they withheld copies of this game on consoles because they knew it was poorly optimized. They posted the below message on 12/14/2020, directing upset buyers to try to get a refund directly back from Sony, Microsoft, and in store where physical copies were purchased. This is how it went for me.

On 12/13/2020, I tried getting a refund directly from Sony. When a refund is being requested, you have to go through a chatbot refund that asks you seven questions in order to get an ID number to then move on to either talking to a real person, or chatting with a real live agent. I tried chatting with a real life agent since their call centers are closed on Sundays. I got denied in 3 different different chat sessions for the same reason. They state their policy says that once a game is downloaded, they can no longer grant a refund per their policy. I’d like to point out their policy also says they can accept returns if a product is faulty. I tried using that as a reason for a refund but they don’t want to hear any of it. I decided I would rather speak to someone in person and I postponed the in real life phone call for the following business day. It is 12-14-2020, 6 days after my purchase. I call sometime in the morning, and the lines are completely busy. It basically tells you there is a high call volume and to call later. I called several times throughout the day, and same message. (Gee I wonder why they’re getting a high call volume) Then, finally in the evening, it dials me through saying the wait time is an hour, so, I left my phone on speaker and waited. An hour an a half passes by and finally someone picks up the phone. I explain my woes regarding the purchase, explain how the frame rate drops before exiting to a blue error screen and the multiple crashes I’ve experience and that the game clearly isn’t optimized for the console. Again, same excuse, “Per our policy you downloaded the game blah blah blah.” Mind you, I’ve played the game for less than 2 hours, and I removed it completely from my console, even the saved data. They said that as long as it downloads, then it is not a faulty product. Can you believe that???? I asked to speak to a manger and waiting another30-40 mins for that. They told me the same thing. I argued and argued and nothing. I wasted a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes on that call for them to spit back their unjust return policy. No exemptions were made. I practically begged. I’ve had my account for over 10+ years and have NEVER ever requested any returns from them and this is how they in turn support their customers/community. Great job. So, in a nutshell, you’re stuck in between CDPR telling you to request a refund from Sony/Microsoft, all for them to tell you no. This has been the worst experience and boy what a way to end this already crappy year.

Bottom-line, DO NOT BUT CYBERPUNK 2077 ON REGULAR A BASE PS4 AND MICROSOFT ONE CONSOLE. They keep promising patches in January and February, but I’m over it. I do not wish to support a game dev that’s been deceitful in their promotion. Also, whose to say those patches will even fix anything? When you buy games, their will naturally be glitches and bugs, but at the very least, you expect the game to work. This whole experience has soiled the game and the potential it could’ve had for me.

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