About Wonder Woman 84….

So, just like most, I too sat down with family to watch Wonder Woman 84 at home on Christmas day. Initially, after having watched it, my immediate reaction when it was over was, “Heh, that was alright. Not better than the first one.” As time passed by and the movie marianted into my head, I am finally able to gather my thoughts on what I liked and didnt like.

*Spoilers from here on out*

Photo Courtesy of WB

The movie Wonder Woman 84 was incredibly average and for me personally, it was a let down. I’ll say what I enjoyed first. I enjoyed Hanz Zimmer’s score, I thought the themes used in the movie were fantastic! I like Dianna and Steve’s scenes, I think Gal and Chris work perfectly together so any scenes with them two are fun. Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig were great at portraying their respective roles, and actually Pedro was my favorite part of the whole movie. The character was well done, albeit over the top sometimes, but that’s how he was meant to be. Now here come the cons.

The movie is long, and the screenplay was a mess. How can a movie that’s this long still not feel fleshed out? It just didn’t flow for me. I think Cheetah was severely underused even though I loved Kristen’s performance. I wanted to see more but I guess they will just use her for another future installment. The action was alright. I feel like there were many iconic/action scenes in the first movie but very little ones in this one. The biggest flaw in this movie though? Gal Gadot was easily the weakest part of the whole thing. She was outshined by every actor who shared a screen with her which is not good when you consider that she is the leading lady and is supposed to be the best one. The script isn’t a masterpiece and is cheesy at times(it’s meant to be like that) but I think that even then, an actor can play it with charm. This just lacked it.

All in all, I loved the first Wonder Woman a lot and rank it amongst the top three DC films out there. For this to be a follow up to that iconic and inspiriting movie, I feel like this one was a total disappointment. I would rank it a 6/10.

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