Nintendo Announces New “Pokemon Snap” For The Switch

Long time Pokemon fans will be delighted to hear that the popular franchise will be releasing Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Originally released for the Nintendo 64 in 1999, this game promises to have the same game mechanics and many new Pokemon to take photos of.

The game will be based in the Lental region, which is a region not mentioned in any of the previous games. The environments range from deserts to jungles and promises to have plenty of Pokemon to observe and study. You can pick your character, which was a feature you couldn’t do in the original, so it’s unsure if they’re customizable or not after you pick one.

You can choose the photographer that best represents you at the beginning of the game

Much like the 1999 game, you’ll be guided by a professor, except it won’t be Professor Oak. This time you be aided by Professor Mirror who asks you to take photos of Pokemon in their natural habitat in order to learn more about them. He’s also aided by his assistant named Rita, who will also guide you throughout the game as you progress.

You will also be judged on the pictures you take. This feature was a huge part of the original game. You snap a photo of a Pokemon and the professor would give you a score based on how well the picture was taken. Poses, background, and how close or far the subject is will be evaluated thus giving you a score at the end of the level.

Another unique feature added into the game is something called Illumina phenomenon. Not much is known about this yet but judging by footage in the trailer, the Pokemon seem to look larger and have an aura about them.

Pokemon Snap will be released on April 30. Pre-orders are available now.

You can watch the trailer for Pokemon Snap here.

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