WandaVision, the sitcom we needed?!?

The first two episodes of WandaVision have officially dropped today on Disney+, kicking off MCU’s first series and finally doing away with a year long dry spell for Marvel content. They completely committed to the old school retro 50s sitcom. This genre blend is such a wonderful breath of fresh air, and I admire how different this is, since this is still a superhero show. So, why is WandaVision a black and white 50s inspired sitcom you say? Not quite sure just yet, but the beauty is in the looming dark mystery behind it all. Spoilers below.

Photo Courtesy of Disney+

I think what really sales this bizarre idea is knowing that something dark is happening behind the scenes. If you’ve been keeping up with the MCU, you would know that Vision died in Avengers Infinity War, because the Avengers needed to obtain the Mind Stone from his head, and Scarlet Witch was the one who destroyed it ultimately sacrificing him for the greater good. So, that begs the question? Why is he here? Also, what is Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda’s involvement in all of this?

During the first 2 episodes, we get a straight up, situational comedy involving the newlyweds, Wanda and Vision, played by the charming and lovely Elizabeth Olsen, and Paul Bettany, reprising their roles. During the shenanigans, we have some weird moments occur within the “show” in which strange happenings break the sitcoms illusion. “Wanda!” You can hear someone call out. We aren’t sure thus far what exactly is happening, but the ending of s2 promises something is definitely lurking. We end with the sitcom getting color, and Wanda visually growing a baby bump. End of episode 2.

Photo Courtesy of Disney+

So far, I’m enjoying the show and it’s premise. I love the MCU, and love these characters, and I think we are definitely in for a world building treat. If you love Marvel, then surely you will love this. If all you’re looking for is another action packed superhero show, then this may not scratch that itch, at least for now.

The first two episodes of WandaVision are now streaming, with a new episode every Friday on Disney+

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