Cobra Kai, new season, new class

Cobra Kai is back with another season! A perfect way to kickstart 2021 in badass fashion. If you loved and enjoyed the first two seasons when they were added back in August 2020 after Netflix acquired the rights to the show, then you’ll enjoy this one too! Netflix surprised viewers by releasing the premiere date earlier than anticipated, bumping up the original date from January 8th, to January 1st.

Cobra Kai – Season 2 – Episode 205

Season 3 picks up right where s2 left off, Miguel’s hospitalization after a big karate fight breaks out at school between the two rivaling dojos. What can you expect this time around? More Karate Kid movie tie ins, specifically from Karate Kid 2. More background story on Kreese which was brilliantly done might I add. All the fun, as Johnny struggles to not only lift himself back up to take on the role as sensei, but to also help Miguel with his recovery.

I think this season finally delivers on the one thing everyone’s been waiting for. The ending will leave you wanting more for sure, as it perfectly sets the stage for seasons 4 premise, and once that comes around, I will surely tune in for that!. 8/10

Cobra Kai seasons 1-3 now streaming worldwide on Netflix.

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