Revisiting Lucifer S5 Part A

So, just like you, I too have been waiting (im)patiently for part B of Lucifer season 5 to get an official drop date from Netflix. Unfortunately, due to Covid, post production seems to be working at a snails pace at the moment. So, what can we do in the meantime? Rewatch the show of course! Let us break down a few things that happened in s5a, and share theories on what may happen in part B. Spoilers from here on out.

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

What was supposed to be the final season of the show, has now become the penultimate build up for season 6, which will officially be the final season according to Netflix. Production is currently underway as we speak. The premise for s5a can be summed up as such; Lucifer’s world is shaken up when it’s discovered that his identical twin Michael has infiltrated his life on Earth. Michael, causing havoc on the relationships Lucifer built up during his time there. So, what exactly does Michael causing a mess on Earth mean for Lucifer? We still don’t know why Michael is doing this, at least not fully. Michael reveals to Maze that he is doing this to reveal Lucifer’s true nature. Possibly wanting to prove that he’s evil based on his reaction to the whole situation. What is Michael’s underlying motive though? What would he gain from having Lucifer freak out and go all devil on everyone? Here’s where the theories begin.

Lucifer fighting Michael in episode 3; “iDiablo!”

All throughout episode 8, titled Spoiler Alert, Michael alludes to having his plan falling into place. He’s successfully convinced Maze to stand by his side. He tricked Dan into seeing Lucifer’s devil face. He’s gotten into Amenediel’s head about his son being only human. The only failure was that he couldn’t break Lucifer and Chloe apart. So, he’s actively trying to sever all of Lucifer’s closest relationships. As we all know, in the season finale, God/dad shows up at the end. Was this part of his plan too? I’m going to say yes. As Amenediel pointed out to Lucifer, Michael is currently God’s right hand in heaven, so he’s the only sibling to have a direct line to him. Michael would presumably be the only one to know of the inner workings and plans God has in store. Based on this, I believe Michael is trying to weasel himself into a better/higher role. I presume that God is looking to task Lucifer with another job, since there’s been talk from their other siblings about how much Lucifer has changed and grown. Michael, hearing about this opportunity, most likely wants to squash any possibilities of Lucifer having a bigger role/job than him, or one that isn’t exclusively running Hell anymore. It’s clear there is bad history between the both of them, so I definitely feel like Michael is trying to prevent Lucifer from being able to reenter Heaven, or possibly given a second chance to do something else. Michael’s trying to prove himself the better and more capable sibling, and I believe this is all for God’s eyes to see.

MIchael visiting Dan in episode 7; “Our Mojo”

As for Lucifer and Chloe, we’re still missing Lucifer to break out the words “I love you.” Throughout the entire run of the show, there’s been a lot of push and pull between them. S5a, finally established them being together in a relationship. More hurdles were overcome to strengthen their bond. Chloe now knows the whole truth about her miracle status, they’ve made love, and they’re working through the mojo swap crisis. I think it’s safe to say that we will definitely have Lucifer saying I love you to Chloe in part B. They’re setting it up to happen, and as we all know Lucifer doesn’t lie. He will say it when he’s ready, and there’s no doubt in my mind that’s what’s coming next. This will happen after Lucifer deals with seeing his dad return, and until we figure out the reason Lucifer isn’t vulnerable around Chloe anymore. Personally, I think Lucifer subconsciously made himself invulnerable to protect Chloe after he was momentarily paralyzed by the Whisper killer. He feels like he has to be at his strongest in order to protect Chloe, and so that something like that never happens again.

Lucifer and Chloe in episode 5; “Detective Amenediel”

So, where does that leave us with the rest of the characters?

Maze will most likely need to talk it out with Lucifer about everything. They’re on two different footings which has hurt both of them greatly. Their lack of communication has led to this fallout. We know that Maze has been struggling with abandonment, and only sided with Michael because he promised her a soul, and he let her in on her mother Lilith’s secret. I’ve always felt that Maze has always had a soul since she’s the only demon to retain her body on Earth without having to posses one. I do think it’s going to take work for her to build her relationships back with her friends, but I believe it will happen. It’s also known that we will see the return of Eve in the next part, so maybe she can also help Maze through her current struggles.

Amenediel will also need to deal with his dad’s return. He’s sided with Lucifer all throughout the Michael vs Lucifer rivalry, and now that he’s trying to raise his son with Linda having the fear that his son is mortal, he will need to come to terms with that. Also, are there repercussions for a celestial having a child with a mortal? I guess we shall find out.

Dan has a lot of new issues to work through. Just when he was forgiving Lucifer, the rug is pulled out from under us again. He is the only other human besides Chloe and Linda, to know about Lucifer’s true identity. Can they reconcile after that?

Linda has to work through her guilt after we learned that she gave up her daughter for adoption when she was young. She’s the most confident character in the show, so to see that confidence be chipped away because of her fears of being a bad mother is heartbreaking. The only person who knows the truth about her past is Maze, so that leaves us to wonder if she will confide in her other friends, or if Maze will be the one to help her through this as we had previously seen in part A.

Ella will also need to overcome her trauma, since she was seeing a killer and was attacked by him. Will she turn to religion in her time of need? It’ll take time, but to see someone so happy go lucky have to go through something so bad like this sucks, and she will need for her friends to support her now more than ever. I’m hoping we get some scenes next season with her and God just interacting, and her unknowingly talking to him. Her connection to her religion has been a primary driving force for her, and I’m sure this will play a factor into her healing.

Trixie. We just need more of Trixie!

Anyway, sorry for my rambling, I’m anticipating the rest of s5 so much right now. I cannot wait for what the rest of the season will bring us and will definitely be covering it once Netflix drops that. Got any theories of your own?

Lucifer seasons 1-5a is now streaming worldwide on Netflix.

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