WandaVision, Ep4, Down the rabbit hole we go

Episode 4 of WandaVision premiered today on Disney+, diving us further into the narrative. This is the one that finally lets us all in on what’s happening outside of Wanda and Vision’s little sitcom tv bubble, and oh we cannot wait where this rabbit hole will lead us. Spoilers after the picture.

The happy couple featured on WandaVision

Episode 4 focuses on what happened to Geraldine, whose real name is Monica Rambeau whom if you caught the last episode, broke the illusion with Wanda when she mentioned Ultron and her dead brother Pietro, prompting Wanda to blast her out of the tv bubble everyone is trapped in. If you didn’t know previously, Monica is the daughter of Maria Rambeau, who was one of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel’s best friend and colleague back in the 90s. This episode focuses on how Monica ended up getting herself trapped in this “sitcom” world with Wanda and Vision. Turns out, she was part of the people who got “blipped” during Thanos’ snap, and also returned 3 years later, dating this as taking place after Avengers End Game where everyone was brought back.

We find Monica learning that she is 3 years into the future, and that she was part of the half population who disappeared. She learns that her mother passed away from cancer while she was gone, and soon after, she returns to work with SWORD. They basically feel an anomaly happening in a small town, and here we learn, that the town is trapped in a energy force of presumably Wanda’s doing. She gets sucked into this bubble, and thus that’s how she got there. Meanwhile, the workers from SWORD have figured out that Wanda and Vision are indeed there, and that they’re somehow trapped in this tv sitcom world. Vision senses somethings off, and the episode ends.

Monica Rambeau played by Teyonah Parris

Now that we’re all caught up, I have to say, this was the episode to catch us all up! Our suspicions were answered. Surely we all knew something was lurking behind the scenes. It was cool to see what’s been going on from a completely different perspective. How deeper does this rabbit hole go? Guess we’ll find out soon enough, but this one right here, is definitely the best episode in my opinion so far. Loved the way they connected this into the MCU and loving the slow build up. Fun cameos too, but those I’ll leave for you to see. I want more.

WandaVision episodes 1-4 are now streaming on Disney+

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