To All The Boys: Always and Forever, a charming end to the series

If you’re like me and are in the mood for something on the romantic side this weekend for Valentine’s day, whether you’re cozying up to someone or cuddling in nice warm blankets all to yourself, then this movie would be my pick! Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

I enjoyed the previous movies since I love the chemistry between the two leads played by Lana Condor and Noah Centineo. They’re both stinkin cute! Their chemistry really shines through and makes this series work so well. You cannot help but root for these two. The third installment doesn’t end up too cliché and I actually rather enjoyed that Lara Jean was the one to choose what she wants to do for her future. It makes for an interesting dilemma, where you follow your heart and try to do what’s best for yourself, despite the many factors that pull you in one direction to another. I think it’s a great message for young adults trying to figure things out for themselves when deciding what they want to do for their future and was surprised at the turn this movie took.

I have to be honest about one thing though, I’ve not read the books these are based on, so I don’t really have a basis for this other than the actual movies themselves. The reason I’m bringing this up is because I have some nitpicking to do. I feel like the pacing is very slow across all 3 movies, and it is certainly felt here too. Not sure if its because they’re trying to adapt a lot from the book, or if it just doesn’t translate well on screen. There are many moments that feel like it should’ve been left out in the editing room since it bogs down the screenplay as a whole. Other than that, I think the rest is fine, the series is charming, the ending was fresh and different, and I believe that makes for a great movie right on time for Valentines Day weekend.

To All The Boys I Loved Before: Always and Forever is available to stream now on Netflix.

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