Our Top 10 Movie Picks for Valentines Day Weekend

Valentines day is coming up on Sunday. We’ve conjured up a list of the best Romantic movies to watch this weekend if you’re feeling in the mood! Or if you’re single and just want to cuddle and pamper yourself, these will also make you feel good! Mind you, the picks below are in no particular order.

  1. ) Palm Springs (2020); So this came out late in 2020 on Hulu, and it was such a delight! It’s not your typical rom com, and its more of a comedy/sci-fi blend, but when I saw it I went with zero expectations and came out loving it so much. The premise is fresh and funnily enough, this movie does a much better love story than most romantic movies now a days. You get a fun love story packaged in a tight quirky package. Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti’s are a dynamite duo that make this easily the best highlight of the whole movie. If you want something a bit different and funny, then this is a great pick!
  2. The Notebook (2014); I believe that if you haven’t seen this movie at some point in your life, then you’re missing out. This movie is a real tearjerker, but the narrative and love story is one that for me personally, packs a real punch. It’s truly charming and heartfelt, and breaks down the struggles of young love dealing with the different social classes in the 1940s.
  3. Silver Linings Playbook (2012); Another wonderfully written movie that balances a story about falling in love with someone while struggling with mental illness. It doesn’t paint this pretty picture of what love is, showing scenes of breakdowns and struggles, but its not all doom and gloom either. There are so many wonderful moments that are hilarious and the movie itself is just pure joy. It isn’t made to make you feel sad, its made to make you feel hopeful with its message.
  4. Dirty Dancing (1987); An oldie but goodie. Sexy dancing, great music, all rolled up into a well spent hour and a half block. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this movie and have memorized almost every iconic line. There’s a reason why so many other movies always give a little nod to this movie by trying to copy the famous dance lift scene. If you’ve lived under a rock all your life, please watch this movie! Like right now, what are you waiting for?
  5. The Girl Next Door (2004); So let me tell you, you come into this movie thinking its only going to be a super raunchy comedy about a teenager dating a porn star, but what you really get is a very well written and down to earth love story about someone trying to make a change for their future life, while the other is getting ready to embark on theirs. The story is a bit over a top in some places, but its so damn funny you cant help but smile. All these years later, and I still consider this movie a real hidden gem.
  6. Love Simon (2018); This one follows a story of a young teen who has not told his family and friends that he is gay. He’s fallen in love with someone from online, and tries to figure out who it is. It’s a wonderfully tender, coming of age story that will fill your heart easily. This is an easy recommendation, as its message is beautiful and we really do need more films like these. This one will make you smile.
  7. To All The Boys I Loves Before (2018); Another super cute and light-hearted love story. This movie actually has a full trilogy out on Netflix(with the recent release of part 3) but I would start with the first. It’s a sweet movie about a teen who writes love letters to all her loves throughout her life, and then one day finds out that somehow they were actually delivered.
  8. Love and Basketball (2000); As the title says, its a love story involving two aspiring basketball players. They are childhood friends and eventually fall in love and its really one of the best romance stories of all time. It’s a feel good movie and the kind that you can relax one night to watch and enjoy.
  9. Your Name (2016); So this one is an anime, and its about body swapping. There’s a whole mystery behind what’s going on, but what unravels is a very magical story that will surely enrapture you. Not to mention the movie itself is gorgeous to look at.
  10. Valentine’s Day (2010); What can I say? I had to include this in the list. It’s cheesy, its cliché, but it’ll make you smile. There are many little love stories in this movie, some that will frustrate you, some that’ll make you laugh, and some that fall in between. Bunch of famous actors/actresses in here I’m sure you’ll find at least one couple to root for.

Now that you’ve seen our picks, we wanna know, what will you be watching this weekend?

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