How I hope Disney handles the new Cruella movie

So, Disney just released the trailer for their new live action origin story for Cruella de Vil. I have to be honest, when Disney announced this project, I wasn’t too excited at that point, but was happy to see Emma Stone get cast as the title role, as I do think she’s an interesting choice that may kill it in this role. With yesterdays trailer release, my interests have been boosted really high now since it’s not what I expected to see. Emma looks fantastic! The film looks gorgeous, and we really might just have a villain as the protagonist without trying to make her the “good guy.”

I have to bring up Maleficent in this comparison, since this isn’t the first time Disney has made a origin live action villain story. My issue with both Maleficent movies, is that they really didn’t play up her villainy all too much, but instead went a different route by giving her a humanizing backstory that made the viewers want to side with her. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but in my personal opinion, I just felt that if you’re going to take an iconic villain, keep them as a villain. Don’t try to make them a good guy just so that we can connect to them or root for them. I did like that they gave us the characters motivation, but then they went and switched things up to paint her as the hero which is where those movies failed for me.

With this new movie Cruella, you’re taking a despicable villain, one who literally wants to skin dogs just to make a coat. Please don’t make her a good guy. She is mad, keep her that way. I mean what else can you expect from a character who’s actual name is Cruel Devil? I want to see this character go into a dark descent, and if Disney plays their cards right, they may have a brilliant mature film on another one of their most evil and iconic villains of all time. I’m very much looking forward to seeing this when it comes out, and if this turns out well, I hope it opens the door for more interesting origin villain films like this one. It seems Disney has finally realized that the audience isn’t only interested in their heroes, but their villains as well, and they have a lot of interesting and iconic ones.

What do you think of the new Cruella trailer? Are you interesting in seeing this?

Cruella officially comes out on 05/28/2021.

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