Behind Her Eyes, a mind bending psychological thriller

I’ll start off by saying I will not be giving out any spoilers to this mini series, because I don’t want to completely ruin the story or the mystery behind it since it was one of the best mind twists I’ve seen recently. Now that that’s out of the way, I will start with the basic premise of the show.

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

On a surface level, the story is about a woman named Louise who finds herself having an affair with her new boss David, and then gets caught up in a friendship with his wife Adele. Normal drama ensues as Louise tries to balance her affair with David, while befriending Adele. She notices that Adele doesn’t seem all too bad, and wonders why David is cheating on her and treats her poorly while feeling guilty of her love affair. More strange happenings begin to unfold. Louise finds herself in very deep, as she tries to uncover more about the history between David and Adele’s marriage, and the multiple mysteries that surrounds their past. She begins investigating things on her own which opens the door for some crazy findings. WHil all this is happening, Louise is also dealing with her having violent nightmares of varying degrees. Some involving her son, and others with her mother. She sleepwalks as a result of this, and her nightmares/dreams become more and more vivid as the show progresses. (There is reason for this by the way, you just have to keep on watching.)

So my thoughts. First of all, the cast was terrific! The key players were all very strong, which definitely makes you feel invested in what’s happening with the characters and the way the story unravels. The first 3 episodes are a bit of a slow burn, so if you don’t mind this, then I feel like the latter half is worth it just to reach the crazy finale. I think other than the slow pacing of the first 3 episodes, the rest starts to flow better as we begin to uncover more and more details of Adele’s motives and past. By the end of this one, trust me, you’ll be surprised. I sure as hell didn’t see that coming.

Behind her Eyes is now streaming on Netflix.

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