Mortal Kombat, Top 5 Things We Hope To See

So WB recently released the trailer to the new Mortal Kombat movie which you can watch here. As fans of the video game series, we’ve conjured up a list of the top 5 things we’d love to see from the new movie. We hope that it delivers on these aspects and that we can get a kick ass movie based on a popular fighting franchise despite the video game/movie curse.

Photo Courtesy of WB

1.) BRING ON THE GORE! I think it goes without say that we definitely want to see bloody fight scenes! Since we know this officially has an R rating, we’re hoping the movie is able to deliver. There is plenty of creative freedom here for some blood and gore, and this will also stay true to the over the top violent series. Please don’t fail us here.

2.) Lots of characters! There are so many OG characters included in the trailer already, it would be very cool to see even more unannounced ones show up. I’m personally hoping to see Johnny Cage cheese his way into this one too, since he is one of my faves. There are also a handful of other newer characters I hope make their on screen debut.

3.) Finishers. So, this sort of ties in with our first point, but this is more of the cherry on top of this gore sundae. It’s always fun seeing all the creative disgusting ways you can finish an opponent off at the end of a fight. It was pretty cool seeing Sub-Zero use some sort of finishing move against Scorpion in the trailer! That’s pretty exciting and we can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

4. ) Great choreographed fighting. Please actually show us the fight. I think we can all agree that we don’t want to see fast cuts during a brawl. These are supposed to be some of the worlds (and out of this worlds) best fighters, let us see the action as much as possible. I love when actors can make fight scenes believable, and it looks like some of the actors in this movie have some type of fighting background which gives us this much added edge to their performance.

5.) For purely nostalgic purposes, the 90s Mortal Kombat theme. Listen, hear me out, despite how you may feel about the original Mortal Kombat movie from the 90s, there is no denying how awesome the theme song was. MORTALLLLLL KOMBAAAAAT! If hearing that man scream the name of the game doesn’t get you super hype, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Mortal Kombat hits theaters and WB Max on April 16th, 2021.

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