Tom and Jerry, is nostalgia enough?

Tom and Jerry released on February 26th in theaters and HBO Max streaming. This movie is one of many of Warner Bros movies they’ve released under this new model, giving the audience a choice in how they wish to view their content. With that being said, I figured I’d stay at home for this one since I know I’m not in the target audience for this movie. I loved the original Tom and Jerry cartoon, and used to loved seeing their shenanigans and slapstick comedy as a kid. This movie aims to keep the cartoons spirit alive, while at the same time putting it in a modern day setting. So, was it enough? No spoilers don’t worry.

I’m not going to pretend to sit here as if this is a high brow piece of cinema and I won’t demean this movie that’s clearly aimed at kids. Yes, most of the humor is cheesy. The movie has its moments where it’s in tune with the old cartoons. They try to add a modern flare with its setting and music which makes for a nice change of pace in my opinion. I did like that they drew all the animal characters in this movie, although some of the 2D/3D movements looked a bit clunky at times. The humans in this movie serve their purpose in setting up the main plot of the movie, which is simple to follow. Chloe Grace Mortez character gets hired to host and prepare for a big extravagant wedding for a celebrity couple that’s taking place in a high class hotel. Enter Jerry. The hotel cannot afford to let their reputation go down the line due to a rat infestation, so they enlist the help of Tom to capture the mouse.

Tom and Jerry courtesy of HBO Max

If you’re going into this expecting something ground breaking, simply put, you won’t. Did is capture the old cartoon? In my opinion, not completely. It has its moments but something still seemed a bit off. There wasn’t enough Tom and Jerry in my opinion which may have played a big part of it. Now, would I recommend this for kids? Absolutely. It’s an easy movie to watch and enjoy with family so if you do have a chance to stream this, that’s how I’d recommend watching it.

Tom and Jerry is out now in theaters and streaming on HBO Max.

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