Wandavision, Behold The Scarlet Witch

Ok, so wow! That was one hell of a ride. There’s so much to unpack from this finale that I will give my brief thoughts on it with no spoilers, and then further down I’ll put a spoiler warning before continuing to get a bit more in detail.

So overall, there was a lot of emotional impact. The performances from the whole cast was top notch and they really brought everything to the table here. I had a few issues with the pacing at the beginning of the series since it was very slow, but I think the audience is rewarded here at the end, since its a culmination of what we had been through. I was disappointed in a few things, but it’s mostly because my expectations to see certain things wasn’t present in the finale. I’ll get into this more after the picture. Spoilers beyond here.

Photo Courtesy of Disney+

So, one of my biggest disappointments was Quicksilver. At the very end of it all, it was just a random guy named Ralph Bohner (not kidding)who had on some type of necklace that granted him the fast powers. Disney knew what we all thought when they cast Peter Evans in the role. Sadly, there was no mutant/mcu crossovers here. I feel like the reveal would’ve meant more, but it was nothing more than a cop out. Also. I’m going to nitpick here, but I had a little bit of an issue with the final fight scene between Wanda and Agatha. They’re just sort of flying in the sky and throwing spells at each other for a few minutes. It didn’t look bad, but there wasn’t too much variance there, but like I said, I’m nitpicking. Lastly, Elizabeth Olsen had teased a huge cameo making an appearance here, but we didn’t get one.

Now that I got the parts I was disappointed with out of the way, I do want to discuss the things that I loved! I loved the reveal of The Vision being conjured up by Wanda’s memory. I thought it was a nice answer as to how and why Vision was able to exist within the world Wanda created, and it always made sense that she somehow observed a piece of the mind stone, therefore has a memory of Vision. Their family dynamic with their kids was a highlight, and it made for a touching goodbye that made me tear up. Another moment I loved was Wanda becoming the Scarlet Witch after observing Agatha’s powers. The new costume looks great! They had teased this in the last episode so I’m glad we got to see it fully realized. The ending shows Wanda releasing everyone from the town, and moving on after having to let go of her own family. There are some mid credits and after credits scenes, that sets up Monica Rambeau appearing in Captain Marvel 2, and another where we see Wanda reading from the Darkhold, and hears her children presumably calling her out from an alternate universe. This will surely lead into Doctor Strange 2 since it’s already been confirmed she will be in it. So, lots of future set up here.

I enjoyed the finale, I feel like it did a good job answering most of our questions, but I had expected more in terms of Wanda altering the timeline. Who knows, perhaps we’ll see more? The show itself as a whole, was great. It had wonderful character building moments and I appreciated that a lot. If you love Marvel and the MCU, don’t miss this. This series paints a good picture for the rest of the MCU shows on the way.

WandaVision season 1 now streaming on Disney+

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