We asked you what you’re most looking forward to for Lucifer s5b

So I know the wait has been excruciating to say the least, but we’ll get through this together, promise. We figured we’d do something a little fun, and took to twitter to ask you what you’re most looking forward to in part B! These were the top results we received.


This was the top response we received and we totally agree! We know that Deckerstar is at the very heart of the show, and we only got a taste of what an established Deckerstar relationship looks like and cannot wait to see even more. No doubt, there will be more content from these two in part B, and we shall relish in the fact that they are finally together after the long slow burn. We’ll see where there next adventures lead.

I love you.

To pair up nicely with the top most anticipated thing you all look forward to, you all also said you can’t wait to see Lucifer pop the “I love you” to Chloe. This moment was teased in part A, so needless to say, the writers are building up this moment that will tug at our heartstrings since this moment has been a long time coming. There are so many ways for this moment to play out and of course we’re curious to see how the writers go about it. The moment will be well earned.


We last saw the pair branch out in different paths back in s4, and we’re currently crossing our fingers in hope for a reunion. Will we finally have a chance for Maze and Eve to spend time with each other and make each other happy? We sure hope so! Also, this is the third item on the list that involves a ship. What can we say, the fandom is full of hopeless romantics.

Musical episode

I know we’re all anticipating the entirety of part B, but it looks like most of us are really looking forward to the musical episode. I think we can all agree that the fandom enjoys the song covers the show has had in the past, and this special episode has been requested multiple times over the years the show has existed. We cannot wait to see how wacky this one will be and cannot wait to hear the cast cover awesome tunes!


We’re so glad to see that multiple people said they want to see more Chloe and Trixie scenes, and just more Trixie scenes in general! The family dynamic will undoubtedly change, and it will be interesting to see where Trixie falls into place in all of this. Also, we barely had any Trixie scenes at all in 5a so yes please, more little monkey scenes are always welcome!


Ella was put through a lot in part A, and we definitely want to see how her arc continues after what she experienced with Pete. We hope for the best for our quirky forensics nerd, and it’ll be surprising to see where exactly she ends up and how things have changed for her after experiencing something so traumatic. She will need to recover but we hope that we can see her heal.


Ah yes, the “villain” of Lucifer’s whole story finally makes an appearance! How will Lucifer react? How will Amenediel react? Heck how will any of the characters react now that the main man has appeared? So many possibilities/theories are running through our heads. What we can all agree on is that we’re excited to see Dennis Haybert bring life to this character, and to see his interactions with Luci.

Family Dinner Scene


A scene that has been teased many times by showrunner/writer Joe Henderson. One that we know will have 6 characters and will have a run time of about 11 minutes. We can’t wait to see this one go down!

Michael’s backstory/motive

Ah, yes the villain of s5a. There are many questions that were left unanswered and we’re just interested to know more. Why does Michael hate Lucifer so much? What is his master plan and where is it leading up to?


Rounding off the list is Lightbringer Lucifer! We would love to see him use more of his powers, now that we know Lucifer is somehow immortal again even around Chloe. Could it be that he’s getting stronger? We know that something has definitely changed, and we know we’d love to see a more powerful Lucifer make an appearance.

Don’t see what you’re looking forward to on this list? Please share, as we love reading what other fans cannot wait to see in the next part of season 5.

Lucifer s5 part B coming coon to Netflix.

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