“Lucifer” 5B Finally Gets A Premier Date

The long awaited date for the highly anticipated 5B of Lucifer was finally released today. After months of waiting (and many jokes made by official Netflix accounts), fans can finally look forward to May 28th as the official premier date.

The official Lucifer account on twitter tweeting the release date (@LuciferNetflix)

Love and appreciation have been pouring in on twitter for the cast and crew, with fans using the hashtag #ThankYouLucifer. It has currently been trending in several countries within the top 10.

Co-showrunner Joe Henderson tweets about how the hashtag is a wonderful sendoff from the fans
“The end of an era” says aligerousluci
“Every smile, every tear, EVERYTHING” user babydeckerstarx says

This may be the end of the show but fans still have an entire season left before they truly say goodbye to their favorite cast and crew. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Published by Kersten Noelle

Avid fan TV/movie watcher. Gamer. All opinions are my own. Writer for fandomlair.com

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