Godzilla vs Kong: You Won’t Wanna Miss This Fight!

This will be a non-spoiler review so don’t worry I won’t be giving away any big outcomes from this movie.

So, the larger than life blockbuster is finally here! One of the most hyped up battles in recent memory but does it live up to the expectations? In my opinion, YES IT DOES. This is coming from a huge Godzilla/monster movie fan. The movie ticked off all the boxes I was looking for. You wanted an epic fight? You got it! The action in this movie is cinematic and is just so so pretty to look at. There are some gorgeous scenes in this which only adds more to this wonderful spectacle.

Godzilla vs Kong courtesy of HBO Max and Warner Bros.

The few issues I had with this movie include complaints I’ve had with previous Godzilla movies and just monster movies in general. The humans are always the worst aspect of the story. Now I won’t outright say all of the human storyline is bad in this. I did quite like the new character Jia, who is a hearing impaired girl with a close connection to Kong. Their dynamic works very well, and it added a layer of complexity to Kong’s character which I appreciate. Speaking of Kong, he was well fleshed out as a character in this but it only highlights how not so well fleshed out Godzilla was. I would have preferred a more equally balanced story for both contenders, but after we’ve seen two movies where Godzilla is the lead, I can see why at this point this isn’t entirely necessary. Kong is clearly made to be the protagonist in this.

I feel like the end is satisfying as well, and as I mentioned before, the movie does deliver on what it promised. An epic showdown between two giant monsters duking it out to see who comes out on top. If you love huge blockbuster movies like this, then don’t miss out!

Godzilla vs Kong is out now in select theaters and in HBO Max.

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