The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Why You Should Be Watching

No spoilers here! So far, there are 4 episodes that have been released weekly for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The show focuses more on an espionage sort of storytelling as opposed to WandaVision which was more heavily involved with magic. The two are vastly different, but deliver in my opinion. If you enjoyed the Captain America movies, then there’s no doubt you will enjoy this show! It has the same feel as those movies, with the added bonus of giving us time to spend with both Sam and Bucky. We have them having to find a way to deal with a world where there is no Captain America, and the repercussions of that. while also trying to deal with the aftermath of Avengers Endgame. They also face a new enemy on the rise and are called to action.

Photo Courtesy of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier from Disney Plus

Anthony Mackie who plays the Falcon, and Sebastian Stan who plays The Winter Soldier both shine as the series leads. Easily the highlights of the show. The action is fantastic as well! So far, the first 4 episodes have been building up nicely, with each episode topping the previous one. If you haven’t been watching the show so far please do! If you love the MCU, then this is a must see.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is streaming on Disney+ with a new episode out every Friday.

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