We Gave Teasers for “Lucifer” 5B And It Confused Everyone

Myself and another writer for Fandom Lair were given the opportunity to screen 5B of Lucifer, which airs on May 28th. To help hype up the highly anticipated season, we gave out teasers on our twitter page (@FandomLair). Using word teasers or out of context photos, fans guessed what on earth it all could possibly mean. Here’s some of our favorite (and hilarious) reactions.

damnit I was hoping this would allude to “staring respectfully.” My hope for a Deckerstar steamy scene crushed again 😦

-Patil Pito | May 28 (@PatilPito) Apr 8, 2021

Sexy giggles.

– Lea ✿ 42 (@chlowaysbestie) Apr 9, 2021

Most fandoms if they read this as a teaser: sorry what

Lucifer fans: yup that checks out

– avery | may 28 (@girogirl723) Apr 10, 2021

5b teasers

what even is that show actually

– pau | 41 days (@fancybritishman) Apr 10, 2021

// loud

– Ceo of Sub Lucifer (@lucifersubstar) Apr 11, 2021

Burger and fries.. Smells like Deckerstar date to me.

– Lucifer_18 (@Lucifer_1805) Apr 11, 2021

#luciferseason5b spoilers

yes, this is annoyingly vague and i won’t even try understand the contest cause-no

– elisaシ︎ check pinned | MAY 28 (@luciferspiano) Apr 12, 2021


– maggie ♡ 42 (@lucifersgf) Apr 12, 2021

lucifer season 5b spoilers/teasers . . . . . FANDOM LAIR CAME THROUGH dropping lucifernetflix rn i don’t need them anymore

-Mona | 42 days (@lucifersinferno) Apr 12, 2021

god after chloe punches him in both eyes

-maggie ♡ 41 (@lucifersgf) Apr 13, 2021

lucifer spoilers! . . . . . interesting…. i didn’t get it but it’s interesting

– ⋆ mariana | 41 (@tcmelliss) Apr 14, 2021

did i get it right??

-marie ✰(@darveymsr) Apr 15, 2021

5b spoilers…

– vik •42 days (@fabbckatic) Apr 13, 2031

Because it’s only April, we will be doing more teasers for the rest of the month as well as May up until the premier. We have plans on doing Morse code teases, Cards Against Humanity teases, song teases. Our goal is to create as much hype as we possibly can to keep the fans entertained as well as excited for the new season. Catch the premier of Lucifer on May 28th!

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