Nobody; An Action Packed Blast!

This will be a non-spoiler review. Ok, hear me out. If you love action movies similar to the John Wick series, or The Equalizer, you are going to love this! Throw in Bob Odenkirk, best known as the lead in Better Call Saul, and you got yourself a recipe for a fun, action packed movie!

Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios

So I will let you know, this movie is definitely my cup of tea. I love violent action movies and this fits well into that category! It’s not a masterful movie for its genre, but I would be lying to you if I told you I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it. It’s your typical protagonist mowing down a large number of enemies type of flick, with lots of charm and fun. You get multiple action sequences and well choreographed fight scenes, and a bunch of funny moments. Christopher Lloyd is also a joy to watch in this. Don’t want to ruin the role he plays or what he does in it, but most of his scenes were easily highlightable in my opinion.

Well acted, fast paced, lots of action, if this is your type of film to begin with, then I highly recommend watching. I think its a great entry into the gritty, violence, action movie genre.

Nobody is out now in select theaters and on demand.

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