The Falcon and The Winter Solider; Was It Good?

I’m going to be including spoilers for the series in this mini review/breakdown after the picture. As a whole, there is so much I absolutely loved, and few things I wasn’t too fond of character wise.

Photo Courtesy of Disney +

I’ve been greatly enjoying the Marvel shows that have been debuting on Disney Plus this year. First WandaVision, then this show, next up Loki. I feel like this direction has been doing wonders setting up aspects of phase 4 of the MCU, while taking risky and creative choices. These shows so far haven’t been your typical cookie cutter MCU movies. They truly have an identity of their own. I think what I loved best about The Falcon and Winter Soldier was showing how huge the responsibility of taking up the mantle as Captain America is, and nonetheless as a black man in America. I think this storytelling is essential if we’re to move forward in the next chapter and character evolution for Cap, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The series is meant to dissect and help us understand these characters point of views. You have Sam taking up the mantle by the end of the series, and Bucky in full support of him after having passed judgement on why he had given up the shield to begin with. It’s important that they grow and learn from each other and I was happy where they ended up by the end of the series. It shows a promising future.

I absolutely liked the inclusion of John Walker, a soldier who was at the beginning of the series given the shield and was other wise chosen as the new Captain America by the government. He serves as a parallel of everything the new Cap shouldn’t be and he’s played wonderfully by Wyatt Russell. It’s important to show Sam and Bucky struggle with someone new taking on the identity of their best friend. John Walker is a very interesting character and no doubt adds a nice touch to the series in my opinion.

Here’s what I didn’t like. I think the weakest part of the series was Karli and the Flagsmashers group that is backing her cause. I totally see her point of view, but I don’t agree with her means of using violence to achieve what she demands. I think the show lacks more development for them, when it shouldn’t be the case since they’re the series main villains. Seems too one note for me and some of their actions didn’t quite make sense to me. At the end, Karli gets killed, and that scene just didn’t land with me unfortunately. I also really didn’t like what they ended up doing with Sharon Carter. Again, just my opinion. I had a feeling they were heading in this direction with her character sine she was acting shady all season long. I had an inkling they would reveal her the Powerbroker and lo and behold. Not sure how I feel about this I think for me personally its hard to see her as a villain all of a sudden? I guess we just have to see where we go from here.

Most importantly, the series as a whole definitely hit the right notes for me. It set up Sam as the new Captain America perfectly and by the end of the series so much happens that leaves me thinking, damn, that was so well earned. I’m excited to see what the future holds, and with there being recent news that a Captain America 4 is presumably in the works with Anthony Mackie possibly helming the lead as he should, makes me very excited. This series is an easy recommendation for me. Say hi to our new Cap!

The Falcon and The Winter Solder is streaming now on Disney+

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