Amazon Primes Invincible does not hold back any punches!

Woah so where do I begin with this one? I went into the season not knowing what I was getting myself into, and only knew about this show since I heard so many great things about it in the past few weeks. I love the superhero genre which was enough for me to give this one a shot, but what I got was something so unexpected, that I was so thrilled! *Don’t worry, no spoilers here*

Photo Courtesy of Amazon Prime

The show is based on the comics from 2003 created by Robert Kirkman who you may also know as one of the co creators of The Walking Dead comics. The story centers on a teenager called Mark Grayson as he starts developing superpowers. We watch him navigate through his life while trying to strike a balance with his new found powers and his social life. You have a star studded voice cast for the series, including Steven Yeun, Mark Hamill, and J.K Simmons to name a few (trust me there’s so many big names here). They all do such a fantastic job bringing life to each and every single character in the show. Speaking of characters, damn, when I tell you I haven’t had this much fun seeing such a wild variety of characters that each have their own interesting narrative and purpose to the overall storyline. It’s so varied, and yeah, of course, you do get some of the typical superhero genre tropes, but they also take some of those concepts and twist them in a way that makes it not only different but just entertaining.

I have to talk about the animation. There are so many action scenes in this show, I mean lots, and they are honestly some of the most beautiful and fluid animated pieces I’ve seen in recent memory. It’s nonstop, and consistent to such a level of mastery. There are maybe just a handful of moments that were not up to par, and they were mostly cgi backgrounds. Even with that, I cannot complain, as those scenes are so far and few in between, its unfair that I’m even pointing this out to be honest. The colors pop out and are brilliant and totally suit the series. A treat overall.

I do want to emphasize, that this is an adult animated series. This is a very very gory show, so please be advised that just because its animated, doesn’t mean its for kids. Part of the shows charm is that it does not hold back on what it wants to show us, that includes wild depictions of violence in great detail. If you’re a fan of animation or the superhero genre, please give this show a try. After you watch even the first episode, your jaw will be on the floor by the time the end credits roll. This is what hooked me into the series and honestly, this show soared up to my top 5 of the year.

The complete first season of Invincible is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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