“Lucifer” Makes A Triumphant Return In 5B

Netflix has officially released the second half of season 5, which continues the story from where we left off from the first 8 episodes . We were very fortunate to catch a screener for the second half a few months in advance, and as huge fans of the show, I can safely say, it made us really really happy. There were plenty of emotional scenes, and plenty of shocking ones too. This review will contain spoilers from here on out, so click out of here if you have not finished watching all of part B as of yet.

If you didn’t already love the world and characters that the showrunners Ildy and Joe have built thus far, along with their team of writers, then this will surely lure you right in and make you fall even more in love with it all. The writers always strike a beautiful balance between comedy and drama that it’s seamless. Yes, this is a show about the devil learning to love, and grow for himself. It’s goofy, but it also hits home on so many levels which is why the show is so successful. This season is no different, and I will say that s5 as a whole, is the most rewarding season for long time fans of the series.

Tom Ellis as Lucifer with Lesley-Ann Brandt who plats Mazikeen Smith

It’s been such a wonderful journey seeing all these characters progress and grow all throughout the series, and much of what happens in this part feels so well earned and organic. One major inclusion this season is the inclusion of God, played by the lovely Dennis Haysbert. He fits right into the cast, and is obviously a major component to this season(and the entire series when you think about it) and Dennis did such a phenomenal job playing the role as the ever dashing omnipresent celestial being. He constantly spars with Tom Ellis’ Lucifer in a natural way, that you would think they really are a father and son with a broken relationship. There are plenty of heartaches to be had, and everyone plays their parts wonderfully that I guarantee there are many moments that will tug at your heartstrings. At the very core of this season, family and love play a huge role. I think these episodes were necessary and its hard to believe this was supposed to be the final season. I’m glad our characters had a chance to evolve and grow this season, as I do think everyone’s journeys led them to a great stepping off point. Lucifer becoming God, Chloe becoming a Goddess and having finally heard Lucifer tell her he loves her etc. A lot has been ultimately set up for these characters that will pave the way for their endgame which I look forward too.

Dennis Haybert as God

The strengths of this part of the season will always be the acting for me. Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, DB Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Rachel Harris and so forth. Without a strong cast, it’s easy to see how this show wouldn’t work well. One of my ultimate favorite episodes of the season for me was 5×10 the musical episode, and even then, everyone brought their A game, and this was mostly singing and dancing which was a new territory for the entire cast. Then you have moments like in Family Dinner, a long 11 minute dialogue scene, where the moment is tense and emotional. A dialogue heavy scene involving multiple actors. Again, really great job from the entire cast and crew all around.

Also want to point out and show some love for the CGI which was done by CoSa VFX. When the pandemic hit last year, it caused delays all across the entertainment industry, and this was no different. Their hard work pays off, especially in 5×16, the stadium fight scene. The wait was worth it if not for that entire sequence alone. Very epic and bold of them, and it brings arguably the biggest spectacle the show has ever done. Much love and appreciation for everyone that worked on this during the most difficult times. Your hard work and dedication does not go unseen or unappreciated.

Lucifer and Michael showing off their wings in the big battle.

So, I will pick out just a few things I didn’t like. There are many questions still left unanswered. The mojo swap, Chloe being a miracle and what that means, Lucifer’s invulnerability etc. A lot of things were left up in the air, and I hope that most of this does get answered in s6. I was expecting most of these to be covered in 5b, but I do understand that they must leave some things up in the air so that we can explore them in s6. Once again, Netflix hadn’t greenlit s6 until after they had filmed and worked their way through ep 5×15, so they only had time to make adjustments for the final episode, 5×16. Another bullet point I will add here is the pacing, but this is me just nitpicking. I feel like a lot happens emotionally in between eps 9-11, and then we get the funny Daniel Naked and Afraid episode which I guess would be considered a filler episode. To be fair, it does make for a nice breather in between the storyline, so that’s where I will leave this critique at.

If you’re a big time Lucifan, then yes, I do believe you will greatly enjoy this part of the season. We get big game changing scenes, and scenes most of us have longed for during the entirety of the series. I personally love where this journey has brought us to, and look forward to seeing the final season when it comes out soon. All in all, this is a show about the devil that wears its heart on its sleeve.

Lucifer 5b is streaming now on Netflix worldwide.

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