“Loki” An Intriguing Start To A New Adventure

This will be a quick non spoilery review for the first episode of Loki.

Wow, okay, so I must say, I love what this first episode is serving up in terms of the world building and tone. We get a peek at the inner workings of how time works and the multiverse from this pilot episode. The premise for this is that the 2012 version of Loki has escaped with the tesseract and has gone into another multiverse, essentially creating multiple different timeline strands that will ruin the planned out timeline. This storyline directly branches off the scene from Avengers Endgame, where we see Loki steal the tesseract after the Avengers apprehend him and he transports himself into a new world.

A disgruntled and confused Loki played by Tom Hiddleston

First of all, I’m already loving the characterization here, since we are spending more time dedicated to the titular character. I’m personally a huge Loki fan, so seeing him get the Disney+ series treatment delights me to no end. In this 50 minute episode, we’ve already gotten lots of personal moments and deep thoughts into the characters psyche. There is specifically a tender moment that is shown that really tugs at the heartstrings here. The character is complex, and Tom Hiddleston doesn’t miss a beat in his portrayal. The scenes in which he interacts with Owen Wilson’s Agent Morbius for me stand out the most. They play so well off each other and I cannot wait for what’s to come. There is mystery and intrigue here, to the likes of WandaVision, so if you liked that series, I’d say give this one a chance as well. The environments and music in the show also won me over! I cannot wait to see where they go with this as their are so many different ways this can play out. The implications and the concept have me excited for more. Great pilot episode!

The first episode of Loki is now streaming on Disney+ with new episodes every Wednesday.

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