Community Appreciation: HeART of the Fandom

Hello readers! Over the last week we asked all you talented artists out there to send us your work so we can showcase it on the site. Like a virtual art gallery, if you will. We wanted to show our appreciation for the people who create what hasn’t been created. Celebrate those who have a vision and execute it. We hope you enjoy our very first art gala! Go show these wonderful artists some love and support!

CASTLE/@InvisibleRain: Twitter & Redbubble Shop

Maggie/@dearestarts: Instagram

Julie/@steveandeve666: Twitter & Instagram

Wendy/@WDeckerstar: Twitter

Maddie/@kiddowithalaptop!: Instagram

Kristin/@knight_vision: Facebook & Youtube

Laurie/@LaurieYa2: Instagram

Carla/@carlaartt: Instagram

Vayeka/@Vayeka_: Twitter & Instagram

Shalina/@lucifanart: Twitter & Instagram

Anne/@adcgordon: Twitter & Facebook

Han/@_maihan: Twitter & Website

Sofia/@SofiaFGrape: Twitter & Instagram

Lolotie Greendal/@Lototie: Twitter

Ashton/@XanadoArts: Twitter & Instagram

Aylin/@deckerstarisall: Twitter

Rizzy/@Missirizzi1: Twitter & Instagram

Ora/@Orab_1701: Twitter

Paula/@Paula12972: Twitter & Instagram

We wanted to take the opportunity once again here at Fandom Lair to thank all the artists who submitted their beautiful art work to be included in our gallery. Please go out and support your fandom artists.

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