“Fear Street: 1978” Brings Back A Classic Horror Theme

If you recall, last week we covered part one of Netflix’s new ambitious horror trilogy “Fear Street”. While part one took place in 1994, part two is set in 1978 during summer camp (more on that as you read on). If you thought the first movie was spooky, this one definitely up’s the spook factor.

When you think of summer camp in any era, you can’t help but think about archery, canoeing, arts and crafts. The usual summer camp criteria. But when you mix summer camp with an ancient curse cast by a vengeful witch, things are bound to get a bit bloody. Camp Nightwing is your typical 70’s kid summer getaway; sports day, lunch in the mess hall, counselors sneaking away to do…..*ahem* stuff. Everything is going swimmingly until a small group of counselors decide to go exploring in a place where they shouldn’t be.

C. Berman, who was the person our protagonists were seeking out in 1994, tells the story about the massacre that occurred during her time at Camp Nightwing in ’78. We’re introduced to Ziggy, a fiery teen that is constantly getting into trouble at the camp, who gets strung up in a tree by other campers and is accused of being possessed by the witch Sarah Fier. From there, events unfold (for spoiler purposes, I won’t go into details. You’ll just have to watch for yourself) and one of the counselors becomes possessed by the witch, inevidently becoming the axe murderer that we see in the first film.

It’s difficult to say which part I enjoyed more. While I love the introduction to the characters and plot in the first movie, I loved how the killer came about in the second (especially how the sack on their head became an essential part of the overall design). “1978” not only brings back the classic camp massacre genre that many fans know and love, it also feels fresh and new while paying tribute to favorites such as “Friday the 13th”. The film doesn’t go overboard with references and maintains its own storyline. The gore is still there, however, and viewers will be delighted to see some *chef’s kiss* fantastic yet classic kills (not excusing the fact that kids were murdered. That part was sad). The nostalgia it’ll bring back to horror fanatics won’t disappoint.

If you haven’t already, check out “Fear Street: 1994” on Netflix. Part two is available to stream now and the final part will be released on July 16.

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