‘Fear Street: 1666’ Lands A Very Satisfying Conclusion For The Trilogy

We’ve been covering this horror movie series that Netflix has been experimenting with on a weekly release basis. You can read our review of part 1 right here and part 2 right here. The series covers the books written by R.L. Stine, about a small cursed city called Shadyside and the residents who have to deal with the sporadic killings all tied to a legendary tale about a witch. For the most part, the movies for me have all been greatly enjoyable, and I strongly feel like this final part to the trilogy absolutely sticks the landing. *Minor spoilers*

A picture from the townsfolk in 1666

I will say that my favorite thing about 1666, is how far it strays from the storytelling of 1994 and 1978. It really does feel like it’s own thing in a good way. We’re shown what actually happened back in 1666 that would set the course of the towns fate. My favorite part is that we get a really good twist about who the culprit was all along. The lead up to this reveal makes that plot point believable, especially considering the era that the story takes place in, and how people were being condemned for just about everything that didn’t fit the peoples views around that time.

The highlight for me is the ending of the characters arcs for both Deena and Sam. It’s a breath of fresh air to get positive LGBTQ+ representation while also making sense for the overall story that the series initially set itself up for. This series wasn’t trying to be groundbreaking in nature, but rather a fun exploration into the horror genre and tropes, while striking a nice balance of fresh storytelling and interesting characters.

1666 sticks the landing for me, and it did leave me satisfied for the trilogy itself. There is also a small hint at the end of the movie that suggests we may see more stories revolving Shadyside/Sunnyvale. I would definitely welcome it with open arms.

The full trilogy for the Fear Street series is now available to stream on Netflix.

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