Why You Should Be Watching Netflix’s Hit Show “Lucifer”

Newcomers! Have you seen posters or maybe even a trailer for Netflix’s hit show Lucifer? If you have never seen the show as of yet, but have been thinking about starting it, now’s a prefect time to get in on the Lucifer hype train!

Let’s run down the timeline of events that led to Lucifer’s rise as one of Netflix’s most successful shows on the platform. Originally, the first 3 seasons of the titular show was actually airing on the channel Fox. It was cancelled after season 3, causing an uproar amongst fans that led the fans to start an online campaign called #savelucifer, to which people took to social media to garner the attention of other potential channels or streaming platforms with hopes of saving the show. After about a month into the cancellation, Lucifer trended worldwide on twitter, catching the attention of the famous online streamer Netflix. They saved the show and brought it to their platform, while also greenlighting season 4. The fans did indeed save Lucifer.

Season 4 aired on May 8th, 2019 on Netflix, and made it onto the top trending shows for the following consecutive weeks, according to TV Time. It was proven that the show was better suited for online streaming since the show found more success and a bigger international audience that would boost its ratings that made it dominate 2019. After 1 month of its s4 launch, Netflix soon announced a fifth and “final” season. The bittersweet news gave fans a mix of emotions since the show was such a huge success and was riding a peak only to be given the news of one more season. As time went on, the Lucifer cast and crew returned to film s5 which originally had a 10 episode count. Netflix later extended the episode count for season 5 from 10 episodes to 16. They had seen the demand for more episodes of Lucifer and figured this would be a great way to appease the fans. It did work for a bit but there were still some fans that wanted more. During the end of filming for season five, Netflix announced that there were going to give Lucifer a sixth and final final season for the show with a 10 episode count. So, let’s run it down; the show went from being cancelled on Fox after season three, was picked up by Netflix for season 4, was later given a “final” season five with ten episodes, had the season extended to 16 episodes. Finally, was given a true and final sixth season. The show has seen its fair share of ups and downs, but the fans kept it alive through it all.

So, Lucifer has been at the top of the Nielsen ratings this year after its second part of season five debuted back in May. Clocking in at over 1,284 million minutes watched, Lucifer is still in the top 3 most watched shows this year. Why are people watching you may ask? Well, the show is such a joy and has many genres that make it worth the watch. It’s got comedy humor, crime, fantasy and drama. It’s strikes a wonderful balance of all of these while also finding its own identity unlike any other show currently airing. There is a bit of fun for everyone to enjoy. The cast and crew are wonderful and have lots of chemistry, it’s crazy to imagine not liking any of the characters or connecting with them. The show has a dedicated fan base, and generally, the show is full of heart, charm and soul.

Photo of the Lucifer cast

The sixth season was announced to premiere on September 10th, 2021. If you haven’t started watching, now would be a great time! The community of fans are very active (afterall, it was the fans that saved the show), and there will surely be loads to discuss once the show concludes. If you’re the type of watcher who enjoys starting a show after its completion, then here’s a great opportunity.

Lucifer seasons 1-5 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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