‘Lucifer’ Bids A Hell Of A Goodbye

The sixth and final season of Lucifer premiered on September 10th on Netflix. It’s been such a long journey for the fans, cast and crew, but a journey that was worth it! I’m so happy to say it, but for me, Lucifer’s ending absolutely sticks the landing, despite being bittersweet. I’m going to briefly talk about my thoughts about the final season without spoilers, before moving onto more heavy spoiler territory.

I want to start off by saying, I’m a huge Lucifer fan. I started this “little” devil show back in 2019 around the same time season 4 came out on Netflix. I had always heard about it, and figured now would be a great time to watch. I binged all 4 seasons, and fell absolutely in love with the show, the characters, and this whole world that the showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have built. Ever since I first started watching it, I knew this show was different. I saw myself in a lot of the characters which is why it gripped me from the moment I started watching. There are so many themes that have been explored all throughout the show that hit home, and I’m sure lots of others feel the same way. Needless to say, when Netflix announced the sixth and final season, I was both very very happy, and sad at the same time. Happy that we’ll get to see the ending to this wonderful story, but sad because it will all be over. I’m so relived that the ending was fitting and a wonderful cultivation of each characters journey. It leads to a wonderful self realization and satisfying endgame. The cast once again, were all great. At this point, I must sound like a broken record player, but I cannot praise the cast and crew enough. When you can feel the value they hold for the characters and the show itself, the love just shines through. The ending paints a most bittersweet ending, but gives a hopeful feeling. The show was always about embracing yourself and accepting all that you are, and that you aren’t defined by your trauma. You learn, you grow, you can indeed become better. I think this was very important to hammer home and that’s what the writers stuck too. Although it wasn’t entirely perfect, there are a few things I wish could’ve been done better, I can say after time has passed and the ending settled, that I am good with the ending and how they got there.

From here on out, there will be spoilers.

Tom Ellis front and center as Lucifer Morningstar. Photo Courtesy of Netflix

One of the greatest things about season 6 is the focus on all the characters. They really dove right into more personal storylines and gave everyone their moments to shine. They are the center stage of this intimate season, and one that pays off by having these characters arcs come full circle. They even introduced a few new characters; Rory, who so happens to be Lucifer and Chloe’s daughter from the future, and Carol Corbett, a nice cop that starts getting close to Ella. Both were seamlessly brought into the story. Rory more so, since the entire driving force of season 6 is the mystery behind Lucifer’s future disappearing act that Rory claims is going to happen.

All throughout the season, you have Lucifer having self doubts that he’d make a good God. He’s reached and achieved something he thought he had so desperately wanted. He learns all throughout his journey that his higher calling doesn’t need to involve him becoming God, but rather becoming Hell’s healer, to help the damned souls. We are shown that he has done that very deed, with Lee or as we all know him as “Mr. Said Out Bitch,” and now Dan. Lucifer has never been shy about seeking help through his therapist and close friend Linda. Not only does he learn about himself, but he learns how to borrow those techniques and use them to help the damned souls who were doomed to hell because of their guilt.

I didn’t know how else to break down my thoughts, so I figured I’d break it up in between the characters.

Amenadiel ascending as God made perfect sense. After learning about humanity, his views have drastically changed when compared to season 1 Amenadiel. He becomes a cop, because he thinks it’s a gateway to help more people. All he really wanted to do was help people on a grand scale. I was so happy to see him take over, as he is the most suited person for the job, and always was. Maze realizes that home is where the heart is, and what she really wants at the end of the day is to be happy, and find someone who accepts her. She finds this with Eve, who also becomes independent from her old identity that was solely tied to Adam(the first man created.) Bam, we get Mazieve ending which yes, made me shed a few tears. Also, that venue and those decorations were gorgeous!

Inbar Levi and Lesley-Ann Brandt as Eve and Maze. Photo Courtesy of Netflix.

One of my favorite character arcs from this season though, has got to be Ella’s. I love Ella a lot. I feel like her character was sidelined in s5, which was upsetting. Season 6 makes up for that in a big way. They deconstruct her character by showing us head-on, that she is not just the comic relief. She’s a person, who’s heartbroken over the secrecy her friends had, thinking that she had belonged with the group. Her monologue speech at the end of episode 6, was a stand out for me. I think we’ve all at some point or another felt like we weren’t included or didn’t belong in a group. I think the way they approached her finding out the truth was so well done! This is coming from someone who didn’t want Ella to find out the truth about Lucifer and all the celestial stuff. I also have to give major kudos that her PTSD or “PeteSD” was acknowledged. Her life changed in such a big way. I like that this was addresses and tackled. Also, her and Carol are so damn cute together and make a fantastic pair.

Scott Porter and Aimee Garcia as Carol and Ella. Photo Courtesy of Netflix.

We learn that Linda has been busy bee-ing her work on Lucifer throughout the entire course of the show, jotting down all of her sessions with him and writing everything that he’s ever said and things that have happened. This becomes an important key for episode 8, giving us a chance for other characters in the story to see past events Lucifer has done. Linda is given much praise this season, as Lucifer recognized her hard work beyond her sessions with him. I love that she’s shown this love. She is arguably the most important character of the show, and Lucifer wouldn’t be where he is without her.

Of course I cannot talk about season six without bringing up a character we were so happy to see back after breaking everyone’s hearts in season five. Dan! Now, I know bringing back dead characters is tricky, especially in most shows. You don’t want to cheapen their death, but I had always felt like Dan’s journey wasn’t over. Season six proves me right. There was definitely more story to explore for him, and I think it’s done in a very satisfying way. Dan’s stuck as a ghost like being, not sure of how to crossover. He doesn’t feel any guilt, Lucifer tries to help him along the way. Dan ultimately figures out what he needed to do in order to move on and into heaven. We have so many emotional and beautiful moments exchanged between him and Trixie as well as him and Chloe. His endgame for me was perfect, and it leads to a well deserved conclusion.

Now, let’s get to the heart of the story, Lucifer and Chloe. The story finds them at the center. They are both happy and in love, living life fruitfully on Earth, postponing Lucifer’s ascendance to the heavenly throne. Why, you may ask? Right from episode 1, Lucifer pleads that he’s scared of what would happen if he became God. He’d have to give up Chloe, something he’s not willing to do. It’s a big first step. Enter Rory. Their daughter from the future. Chloe and Lucifer try to figure out this whole mystery on the disappearance of Lucifer. Rory comes from the future and tells Chloe and Lucifer that she’s resents Lucifer because he ditches her and Chloe before Rory is born. Rory is half human and half angel. Lucifer at first doesn’t believe her, because he knows that is something he would never do. He is not his father, and he knows what it’s like to feel abandoned by a parent. This whole story arc explores the mystery behind it all, and later leads to a huge revelation that sets the course of Lucifer’s higher purpose. We do have seeds planted from previous seasons that would eventually lead to this. There was a crucial scene in season 5, where Lucifer talks about how unfair it is that a soul like Dan would end up in Hell over their guilt, when they don’t deserve that. We also get a comment from Linda from that same season in which she comments Lucifer about having a good eye and being a good therapist himself. All of these moments culminate into his realization that he will no longer be Hell’s warden or punisher, but instead he’ll be it’s healer. Rory helps push this realization forward near the end. There is a moment where Lucifer and Chloe say goodbye, only temporarily since they reunite in the afterlife. It’s very sad, and will no doubt leave the fandom sobbing in tears. It left me feeling empty at first, until you remember what Rory says, “This is only a blip in time of our eternal lives.” They will all reunite. Chloe and Lucifer’s mature and selfless decision to be apart in order for Lucifer to start helping the greater good of humanity does make sense no matter how hard it hurts us.

Lauren German and Tom Ellis as Chloe and Lucifer. Photo Courtesy of Netflix.

I wanted to point out a few things I wasn’t entirely ok with as far as storytelling. While I was happy for almost everyone’s endgame, I feel like Trixie’s character was greatly undercut. I get it was mostly due to the actress Scarlett’s availability and schedule since she was also working on another show at the time, but I still feel like having a line thrown in would’ve made things more palpable. Rory’s characters was obviously heavily favored, and I just feel like Trixie should’ve been added more to feel part of the family. I understand why they geared her more towards Dan’s story arc, and I respect that, but she definitely should’ve been used more across the other ones. Also another major thing. I know I’ve mentioned how I liked the ending, but initially, it mostly broke my heart. Lucifer and Chloe’s selflessness and sacrifice to be apart broke me down horrendously. I would’ve wanted more of a happy ending. As time passed, I became more than ok with how they decided to end it. It was cohesive, it made sense, and I get why the writers felt it was important to have Lucifer return back to Hell. It was about the bigger picture, and it was about making a big change. This was apparent back from season 5 when Lucifer argued with Linda about how the system was unfair for broken souls feeling guilt over something they cannot control. Dan was the one to help drive this point forward. It hurts like hell, and yes, the term bittersweet mostly applies here. I will say, that I greatly enjoyed the final scene where Lucifer and Chloe reunite in the afterlife. It’s hopeful, it’s happy, and their sacrifice pays off since the show canonically has shown that there is an afterlife of course. Now, they can be with each other eternally.

After this long journey throughout the series, In the end, the most important trait of humanity for Lucifer was realized. That everyone has a choice, and that everyone has free will. That no matter how far someone falls, they can be redeemed. Throughout his journey, he learned that not everything was his father’s doing, even though it was easy for him to always place the blame on him. Lucifer chose to become hell’s healer. He chose his own purpose. Chloe chose to go “home” to him in the afterlife at the end. She was not a prisoner trapped in guilt. She made the decision to go to him to help him. Partners til’ the end. Lucifer’s title as the Lightbringer remains and is given much more meaning. When a soul crosses over into Heaven, they see the light. Lucifer’s new job is just that, to make sure the lost souls in Hell get to see that light. He is afterall, the Lightbringer. Always will be.

Lucifer the complete series is streaming now on Netflix.

I want to take a moment to thank the cast and crew for bringing this show together and for delivering one of the best stories in tv I’ve seen in a long time. To feel so touched by the journey and the characters, and to relate to their struggles. To admire the paths of their highs and lows. To the comfort, and to the happiness they brought. All of it. I have so much gratitude to all of them for always being on top of their game when delivering the show, despite the many ups and downs the production itself has faced, and for always pouring their heart and soul into their work. In the end, it was worth it.

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