Our Spooky Halloween Movie Guide

It’s that time of the year again! We are officially in the October month, which means it’s time to bust out our top picks of scary movies to watch that will give you all the scares and spooks your heart could desire. We also want to thank our followers over on Twitter for sharing some of their picks too. Grab some popcorn (and maybe a friend if you scare easily) and check out our list below!


Oh yeah, these movies are right up our alley! There are a total of 3 movies following the many paranormal cases of the real life couple Ed & Lorraine Warren. If you like hauntings and exorcists then these movies are just for you! Also Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga make a kick ass pair, so if anything, you should watch these for them alone. You can find The Conjuring movies steaming on Netflix and HBO Max.


Oh that iconic theme. You know there is no complete Halloween movie list without mentioning the popular slasher flicks of the ‘Halloween’ series. Spanning across 13 films, we watch the brutal killings of the fictional serial killer Michael Myers. Yes, the mask is creepy enough in on itself. So if you want to turn your brain off and have fun with friends watching any of these movies, now’s the perfect time! You can catch these on Amazon Prime.


We wanted to also include light hearted picks on this list, and what better movie to watch with the family than The Nightmare Before Christmas? It actually doubles as both a Halloween AND Christmas movie. Our lead character Jack Skellington grows tired of being stuck celebrating the same holiday over and over, and looks to take over as Santa Claus to change things up, thus chaos ensues. You get a fun movie with great stop motion tech, and wonderful musical numbers. Streaming on Disney+


Oh this ones a nice throwback to those old school 90s Disney Channel movies. Out of pure love and nostalgia, this ones become quite a classic. There are 4 Halloweentown movies in total. Again, lots of light hearted fun for the entire family to have, and of course, it’s all in the holiday spirit. I mean a whole town named after Halloween? You’ve got us sold. This movie can be found on Disney+


Oh come on, you know we HAD to include this one here. This is a quintessential certified Halloween classic! Three witches are accidentally freed by a group of kids, so they are forced to partner up and find the witches spellbook before the witches become immortal. Lots of fun, lots of iconic lines, and once again, another family friendly pick. This movie is streaming on Disney+ ‘I’ll put a spell on you!’


Some more monster fun for the whole family! This is a set of 4 movies that follows Dracula and his family as they run their hotel that houses many monsters across many urban legends. It’s silly and goofy, but enjoyable especially for the kids. These can be found on Amazon Prime.


What can be scarier than a creepy cosmic clown haunting you with the things you fear most? Both chapters are critically acclaimed and offer some really scary imagery and pretty solid storytelling. You can catch it on HBO Max.


This one here is an action gothic movie that follows the famous hunter Van Helsing as he slays his way through many of our favorite movie monsters such as Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, Mr. Hyde, and even some werewolves! It’s got outdated CGI, but the film itself is all in good fun and has plenty of that creepy monster vibe that should keep you thoroughly entertained. You can find this one streaming on Amazon Prime.


Ah yes, how about a slasher series that makes fun of slasher movie tropes while also being one itself? What you get is a horror classic that’s equal parts funny, and clever. Nothing is truly better than a self aware movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously while offering up the thrills in which the movie borrows from early 70s/80s slasher horror flicks. You can find these streaming on HBO Max.


Truly a Robert Rodriguez classic. We follow a pair of criminals who flee to Mexico after a robbery. They wait up at a bar which just so happens to secretly be full of vampires. The criminals along with their hostages must figure out a way to survive the night until dawn. This is very violent film, but you get lots of cool vampire slaying sequences and of course that one famous and iconic Salma Hayek snake dance scene. This one can be found on Pluto Tv.

Here are some of our honorable mentions if you’re looking for a longer list: Coraline, The Mummy, Twitches, Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire, Paranorman, Fear Street, Insiduous, Malignant, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Beetlejuice, Addams Family, Candyman, Jennifer’s Body, and Jeepers Creepers.

Got some more movies you watch that’s not on our list? Let us know what you’ll be watching!

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