How Can “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” Update In The Future?

With its biggest update ever back in November, Animal Crossing fans have had their plates full with a ton of new content that came with it as well as the DLC. It’s been said that this is the final big update for the game, but can it be better? Gamers think it can–and it doesn’t have to be big changes either. Here are a few suggestions players have made in the past (and present) that could make island life a little easier.

  • Deleted dialogue during flights. That extra “Roger!” is completely unnecessary and time consuming, especially if you’re in line to visit a treasure island. Take it out. It’s not needed.
  • The cut scene for when someone arrives on the island. Any treasure island hunter knows how annoying it is when every two seconds is a cut scene to show who’s leaving or arriving. It should be for the host only and not affect the guests.
  • BULK BUY AT THE ABLE SISTERS. This has been a popular suggestion amongst the entire Animal Crossing community. We’re tired of having to go in the dressing room to buy clothes, exit, and then go back in to buy more. Just let us buy what we want and have it sent to our home storage. It’s that simple.
  • Bulk craft items. A simple icon can pop up and ask you how many you want to make and you select the number. Boom. Fifty fish bait done in two seconds. This should’ve been a thing from the start.
  • Not necessarily a game changer, but imagine if you should make snowballs and throw them at islanders. Or go skating on a frozen lake.
  • Design custom hats, pants and shoes. Because why not.
  • Interactive mini games (bring back the Super Nintendo mini games. Or at least make the arcade games playable).
  • Increase the number of items that can be ordered in a day. Even being able to buy ten items would make a huge difference for players.
  • Larger variety of conversations with islanders. The repetitiveness gets boring after a while.
  • Allow players to pay a fee at the visitor center and let them change their island name (100k bells should be enough).
  • More fish, bugs, fossils, etc.
  • Bring back the horned hats from the GameCube edition.
  • Angled furniture (just imagine).
  • Able to display wallpaper outside (it would appear on a boarded wall or something. Same goes for flooring and rugs).
  • Allow players the option to purchase another island and edit it to their heart’s content.

With its final free update, the quality of life on gamer’s islands have definitely improved but there is definitely more room to make it even better in the future. With the suggestions above, it just goes to show it’s the small things in life sometimes that makes people happy. Take notes, Nintendo.

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