The Judge: Father And Son, Linked By More Than A Close Case, Are Forced To Battle The Law

I’ve seen this movie more than once since it came out in theaters and I can’t get enough of it. I thought that these last weeks, we’ve all been involved in The Marvel Universe and likewise, missing Tony Stark and his interpreter. So, it occurred to me to bring this short review of The Judge, a film full of drama, and where you can enjoy the extraordinary performance of Robert Downey Jr.

The Judge, a film released on October 10, 2014, tells the story of a father and his son, a respected judge (Joseph Palmer) and a highly relevant lawyer (Hank Palmer), who in addition to struggling with a common death, they are forced to battle with what they’ve been defending throughout their lives; the law. This confrontation will relive a dark past between the two that will begin to take its toll right in the court.

The perfect structure of the script gives way to strong dialogues and twists between the characters, whether they are the main one or not. The creators managed to find the right way to narrate and adapt the ideas so that everything fits in their place, thus providing an excellent story from beginning to end. On the other hand, the powerful interpretations of Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall take each discussion throughout the film to the extreme. With every slight gesture, they reflect the conflicts that the characters face; homicide, illness, resentment and death. The actors achieved a fantastic balance and integration of feelings, turning the film into a true masterpiece.

Made for those who love drama, The Judge will catch your attention from the first minute. You will enjoy chilling dialogues from the main characters to the point of feeling part of the film itself. I assure you that in each sequence, you will be able to reflect on some action from the past until you even shed a tear. The performances surround you and are definitely on another level. You can see for yourself in the different disputes between Hank and Joseph Palmer. So don’t waste any more time and enjoy this very successful movie.

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