Looking For A Cozy Game To Play? ‘Calico’ Has Our Vote!

While I was checking out the Nintendo store for a new indie game to play, I came across one that caught my eye. ‘Calico’ is a small indie game that came out on December 15th, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch made by a small two person development team called Peachy Keen Games, and it’s premise is truly the definition of a relaxing cozy game you can play that’ll surely have you invested. I’m about 5 hours or so into the game and I haven’t been able to put it down. The premise of this game is simple. You’ve inherited a cat café and have been tasked to rebuild it. You collect cute animals such as cats(duh), dogs, birds, rabbits etc., and basically try to make the most amazing café that you possibly can. The game is a day to day sim, where there are tasks to do around town, and in exchange you get rewards such as recipes for your bakery, furniture and a bunch of other items you can use to revamp your café.

So, what compelled me to write this mini review on this game? Well, cozy games are one of my favorite genres of video games. This one ticks off all the boxes for me. It’s not perfect, as I have run into a few glitches from time to time, but nothing game breaking. The game isn’t challenging nor is it meant to be and for that, it’s an easy game to get into and anyone at any age can enjoy this. The art style utilizes pastel colors and the world and setting is quite vibrant overall. There is fun to be had around town, and as you get to know and learn more about the other shops in the area and the people who inhabit it, the more you can cater to the townspeople with your café. The fun part for me is also finding adorable animals and picking them up. I mean hey, this game has a button in which you can pet the animals! This game is an easy recommendation from me.

Calico’ is currently on sale until January 16th, 2022 on the Nintendo Store for about $8 USD, and is also available on Steam.

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