From A Doctor To A Professional Criminal. The New Role For Our Beloved, Robert Downey Jr.

After playing the Welsh vet in the 2020 fantasy adventure film “Dolittle”. Robert Downey Jr. is once again joining a project from filmmaker Shane Black to play Parker, a professional thief created by American writer, Donald E. Westlake.

Shane Black And Robert Downey Jr.

Downey and Shane Black have known each other since 2005 for the comedy and crime film: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and then in 2013 for the creation of one of the films belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, I’m talking about Iron Man 3. In both films, Black was in charge of the direction and Robert returned as the main actor. Now once again, this wonderful duo is reunited for a new adaptation of the “Parker” novels and we can enjoy it on the Streaming platform, Amazon Prime.

Another piece of information we have for you is the following: the American filmmaker will be accompanied by Joel Silver and one of the founders of Team Downey, the production company for Sweet Tooth (2021), Susan Downey. Undoubtedly, an explosive team that promises a lot.

Parker” has had several adaptations over time. The last film was released in 2013, it was directed by Taylor Hackford and featured the main performance of Jason Statham and also singer Jennifer Lopez.

For this new adaptation the date is unknown, but we are already waiting to see how it unfolds and what style Robert Downey Jr. will give to this cold and meticulous criminal.

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