‘Moon Knight’ Sticks The Landing With A Thrilling Finale

Just like that, Moon Knight solidifies itself as my top favorite Marvel Disney+ show of all time. The acting, the characters, the visuals all come full force to conclude this caped crusaders’ origin story and action adventure storytelling. It all goes down in the finale and aside from it being shorter than I would’ve liked, the episode wastes no precious time giving us the best action sequences and visual feast, out of all the previous episodes. Spoilers from here on out.

The finale was fantastic! I loved the unique visuals as it’s something we haven’t quite seen before in the Marvel universe. I mean hey, we get to see two big Egyptian Gods duke it out, which by the way, huge praises are in order for the special FX team that worked on this show. I also really appreciated that this was the most action packed episode out of all them. The beginning of the series was mostly dedicated to character building which is great, because the finale gave us some great action scenes all throughout. My only real problem is that I wish this finale would’ve been slightly longer. The episode felt a bit rushed, and I feel like the episode doesn’t really answer most of my questions. Although, I suppose an argument can be made here if they are simply leaving these unanswered on purpose in order to cover these in a second season.

I got a hand it to the series, I think the show as a whole was done incredibly well, and it led to such a satisfying conclusion that for me, makes me feel like the whole journey pays off. I cannot give enough praise to Oscar Isaac once again for being able to portray different characters all sharing one body, each with their own quirks and nuances. This show really gave him a lot to work with and I don’t believe anyone could’ve pulled this character the way that Oscar does. Congrats to him and I look forward to seeing more of Moon Knight. Ethan Hawke was simply great, and his acting alongside Oscar was perfectly matched. I’m also now looking forward to seeing a suped up Layla(played by May Calamawy) who has now become the avatar for the God Tawaret, and the superhero Scarlet Scarab. Stick around for the mid-credits scene also.

The entire season of Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+

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