“Werewolf By Night” A Love Letter To Classic Horror

The freshly released Marvel special “Werewolf By Night” directed by Michael Giacchino, is Marvel Studios latest project that dives deeper into horror and the darker side of the MCU, delivering the most daring and experimental feature that they’ve ever done. There is lots to say about this project but to put it simply, this ambitious special was a homerun and such a breath of fresh air. This may just be the project that steers the MCU into more mature/R rated features down the line.

If you’ve been looking around for something spooky/campy to watch for the Halloween season, then look no further than “Werewolf By Night.” It’s a neatly packaged 50 minute special, with a simple story to follow, lots of terrific performances by the entire cast, and a deliciously stylistic presentation. This is the type of experimentation Marvel needs to start doing from now on in order to reinvent itself and keep people wanting more. The special does a great job with it’s pacing and tone, that it’s hard to watch without smiling. The director “Michael Giacchino” (who’s most notably known for his work as a composer) really puts his all into every single frame of this project. The lighting, the make-up FX, the camerawork, the music, everything was so carefully crafted, it’s no wonder this project received so many rave reviews. The cherry on top for me personally was the wolf reveal. The shorter run time worked wonders in packaging such a neat and tight story that wastes no time fleshing out their characters as best as they can, and it all just works.

I think “Werewolf By Night” is a wonderfully crafted special that can be watched by anyone since it stands on it’s own two legs without directly connecting to anything else in the MCU. It’s very easy to understand, quite violent despite being in black and white (so maybe not for the kiddos), and an absolute treat to watch. I highly recommend checking this one out, as it may be the blueprint and starting point of some exciting things to come for the future of the MCU.

“Werewolf by Night” is now streaming on Disney+

One thought on ““Werewolf By Night” A Love Letter To Classic Horror

  1. I loved it. I think both the fans and Marvel needed a winner here and we got one. Right to the point, great characters and story, and a real love letter indeed to the monster movies of our past. I do hope they fold the horror genre into the MCU based on this special. Enjoyed reading your thoughts on this.


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