Netflix Makes Dreams Come True With Renewal of “The Sandman”

Dreamers, dream no more. After several conflicting reports and a deleted tweet, fans of Netflix’s behemoth series “The Sandman” can sleep easy after the announcement of its second season renewal.

The Sandman premiered in the beginning of August, and since has clocked in massive viewership and watch hours. But the question was: is it getting a second season? Fans eagerly awaited news, desperately listening for even a crumb of information regarding a possible renewal. Despite radio silence, they never gave up.

Nearly three months later, they finally got their good news. The renewal was accidentally announced today via DC Comics official twitter page. The tweet was quickly deleted however but that didn’t stop fans from getting excited about the inevitable. Verified sources have announced that the series is renewed for another season and as of right now, Netflix has yet to announce the renewal themselves.

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