“Pacific Rim: The Black” Was Pure Nostalgia

When the original Pacific Rim movie came out in 2013, I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. And I still do. What’s not to love about giant robots fighting giant monsters that rose out of the sea? It was an homage to Kaiju (which means a Japanese genre of film that hasContinue reading ““Pacific Rim: The Black” Was Pure Nostalgia”

“Superman and Lois” Is A Breath Of Fresh Air For Man of Steel Fans

Let’s start with this: I literally had no idea that this show was a thing until I was told it was coming on the CW the night it premiered and I immediately had my doubts (and for good reason which we’ll get into later in this review). Surprisingly, the series premier was honestly amazing andContinue reading ““Superman and Lois” Is A Breath Of Fresh Air For Man of Steel Fans”

Why You Should Watch At Least One Studio Ghibli Movie In Your Lifetime

While there are many animated films on the market, none of them are more celebrated than Studio Ghibli movies. With its breathtaking hand drawn scenery and it’s beautiful storytelling, no other studio even comes close to their level of uniqueness and ability to stir up emotions in the viewer. If you haven’t seen any ofContinue reading “Why You Should Watch At Least One Studio Ghibli Movie In Your Lifetime”

“Camp Cretaceous” Returns With A Roar In Season 2

I realize this review is extremely late as the new season came out a little while ago. But sometimes life gets in the way of the things you know you need to do and finish up. With that being said, let’s jump right into it. We all had a dinosaur phase growing up. Some ofContinue reading ““Camp Cretaceous” Returns With A Roar In Season 2″

“Finding ‘Ohana” Is The Adventure We All Could Use Right Now

I had the pleasure of getting to watch this movie before it’s official release on Netflix January 29 and let me tell you: I enjoyed every minute of it. As usual, this review will be spoiler free so that this wild adventure won’t be ruined for anyone. Finding ‘Ohana is about a young girl namedContinue reading ““Finding ‘Ohana” Is The Adventure We All Could Use Right Now”

Nintendo Announces New “Pokemon Snap” For The Switch

Long time Pokemon fans will be delighted to hear that the popular franchise will be releasing Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Originally released for the Nintendo 64 in 1999, this game promises to have the same game mechanics and many new Pokemon to take photos of. The game will beContinue reading “Nintendo Announces New “Pokemon Snap” For The Switch”

“Sweet Home” Is The Monster Show Of 2020

On December 18th, Netflix released a new Korean horror/survival titled Sweet Home. I had known nothing prior to the title until I read the synopsis. My mind immediately went “Wait. I know this. I’ve seen this before”. After reading up on it some more, it dawned on me that this new series is based onContinue reading ““Sweet Home” Is The Monster Show Of 2020″

Why Netflix’s “Lucifer” Isn’t Glorifying Satanism

Am I aware that many articles like this have already been written? Yes. Do I care? Absolutely not. I wanted to give my two cents into the whole debacle with Christianity and why some Christians refuse to give this show a chance. This article may or may not be offensive. I don’t know. Let’s seeContinue reading “Why Netflix’s “Lucifer” Isn’t Glorifying Satanism”

“If Anything Happens I Love You” Is Raw, Powerful And Heartbreaking

Let me start off by saying that this short film shattered my soul. I originally thought this was a full length film so imagine my surprise when I found out there was THAT MUCH emotion packed into 12 minutes. It’s 12 minutes that are worth every second of your time to stop what you’re doingContinue reading ““If Anything Happens I Love You” Is Raw, Powerful And Heartbreaking”

“Among Us” Turning Into A Dating App?

No, it’s not turning into a dating app. But avid players of the popular game have noticed a spike in people joining a lobby looking for anyone who’s single and want to chat outside the app. For those who don’t already know, Among Us is the popular gaming app where players are in space andContinue reading ““Among Us” Turning Into A Dating App?”