Yet, Another Positive Review of “The Sandman”

“The Sandman” made it’s debut on Netflix this past Friday, and as someone who never read Neil Gaimans comic books of the same name, I have to say, this is a fantastic show. Right from the start, you can feel the love and care that was put into crafting this colossal beast of a show.Continue reading “Yet, Another Positive Review of “The Sandman””

Netflix’s New “Resident Evil” Series Misses the Mark

There have been many different movies, shows, projects and spin offs that have tried to adapt the world of the popular video game series “Resident Evil”. Some have been ok, while others have been flat out terrible. As a big fan of the “Resident Evil” games, I have to say, I am disappointed with thisContinue reading “Netflix’s New “Resident Evil” Series Misses the Mark”

“Geeked Week” Day Five Games Showcase

The fifth and final day of Geeked Week premiered today, and focused on games that Netflix will be bringing onto their platform in the next year, as well as shows based on beloved video game franchises. Below, we included a full list of all the announcements that were made today, and thus, concludes Geeked WeekContinue reading ““Geeked Week” Day Five Games Showcase”

Day Four of “Geeked Week” Is All About Stranger Things

If you’re a huge fan of Netflix’s most popular series “Stranger Things” then today’s Geeked Week day is specifically for you! Take a behind the scenes look at the making of all things “Stranger Things” with this “Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 Unlocked” showcasing plenty of goodies including cast interviews, previews, games, and more. “StrangerContinue reading “Day Four of “Geeked Week” Is All About Stranger Things”

Day Three Of “Geeked Week” Is All About Animation

Day three of Geeked Week arrived a little bit later in the day, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in case you missed the big announcements. Today focused all on animation, and we got several sneak peeks on what’s to come. “The Cuphead Show” (Do not include) “Dead End: Paranormal Park” Sneak peek (JuneContinue reading “Day Three Of “Geeked Week” Is All About Animation”

‘Stranger Things 4’ Is Back & Darker Than Ever!

If you’re like the rest of the world, then you may have heard of a little indie show called Stranger Things which premiered their fourth season this past Friday on Netflix. Volume 1 of the show contained 7 supersized episodes, ranging from an hour to an hour in a half which left this viewer onContinue reading “‘Stranger Things 4’ Is Back & Darker Than Ever!”

‘The Northman’ An Intense Viking Revenge Story You Shouldn’t Miss

Alexander Skarsgard stars as the lead character, Amleth, a prince who’s made a vow to avenge his father who was murdered and usurped by his uncle; a big brute called Fjölnir, played by Claes Bang. Amleth’s life is ripped away from him at a young age. He loses his father, his kingdom, has his motherContinue reading “‘The Northman’ An Intense Viking Revenge Story You Shouldn’t Miss”

‘Moon Knight’ Sticks The Landing With A Thrilling Finale

Just like that, Moon Knight solidifies itself as my top favorite Marvel Disney+ show of all time. The acting, the characters, the visuals all come full force to conclude this caped crusaders’ origin story and action adventure storytelling. It all goes down in the finale and aside from it being shorter than I would’ve liked,Continue reading “‘Moon Knight’ Sticks The Landing With A Thrilling Finale”

Missed The Big Announcements From CinemaCon 2022? Don’t Worry, We Got You Covered

Yesterday, CinemaCon had a 2 hour panel that was chock full of big movie announcements from some of the movie industries biggest players. Below, we break down all the major stand outs for Warner Bros and Sony which had their panels shown. Here’s we know of so far: Warner Bros WB brought exclusive looks forContinue reading “Missed The Big Announcements From CinemaCon 2022? Don’t Worry, We Got You Covered”

Moon Knight, First Impressions & Expectations

Moon Knight debuted it’s first episode on March 30th on the streaming service Disney+ to a very strong opening that left me so completely and utterly shocked by how good of an opener it was. Not to say that I thought it would be horrible, but my expectations were just completely blown. I’ve seen allContinue reading “Moon Knight, First Impressions & Expectations”