Tom and Jerry, is nostalgia enough?

Tom and Jerry released on February 26th in theaters and HBO Max streaming. This movie is one of many of Warner Bros movies they’ve released under this new model, giving the audience a choice in how they wish to view their content. With that being said, I figured I’d stay at home for this oneContinue reading “Tom and Jerry, is nostalgia enough?”

Mortal Kombat, Top 5 Things We Hope To See

So WB recently released the trailer to the new Mortal Kombat movie which you can watch here. As fans of the video game series, we’ve conjured up a list of the top 5 things we’d love to see from the new movie. We hope that it delivers on these aspects and that we can getContinue reading “Mortal Kombat, Top 5 Things We Hope To See”

Behind Her Eyes, a mind bending psychological thriller

I’ll start off by saying I will not be giving out any spoilers to this mini series, because I don’t want to completely ruin the story or the mystery behind it since it was one of the best mind twists I’ve seen recently. Now that that’s out of the way, I will start with theContinue reading “Behind Her Eyes, a mind bending psychological thriller”

How I hope Disney handles the new Cruella movie

So, Disney just released the trailer for their new live action origin story for Cruella de Vil. I have to be honest, when Disney announced this project, I wasn’t too excited at that point, but was happy to see Emma Stone get cast as the title role, as I do think she’s an interesting choiceContinue reading “How I hope Disney handles the new Cruella movie”

Our Top 10 Movie Picks for Valentines Day Weekend

Valentines day is coming up on Sunday. We’ve conjured up a list of the best Romantic movies to watch this weekend if you’re feeling in the mood! Or if you’re single and just want to cuddle and pamper yourself, these will also make you feel good! Mind you, the picks below are in no particularContinue reading “Our Top 10 Movie Picks for Valentines Day Weekend”

To All The Boys: Always and Forever, a charming end to the series

If you’re like me and are in the mood for something on the romantic side this weekend for Valentine’s day, whether you’re cozying up to someone or cuddling in nice warm blankets all to yourself, then this movie would be my pick! Don’t worry, no spoilers here. I enjoyed the previous movies since I loveContinue reading “To All The Boys: Always and Forever, a charming end to the series”

A Beginners Guide For New Playstation Owners

So, you got a new PS4 as a gift for the holidays, congrats! If you’re lucky, you may have somehow gotten a PS5, which deserves a trophy in itself to whoever was able to track one down. Now, if you’re completely new to the console, you may be wondering where you need to start. I’mContinue reading “A Beginners Guide For New Playstation Owners”

Strip Down, Rise Up. How pole dancing empowers.

Strip Down, Rise Up is a journey of empowerment, self discovery, and body positivity using the art of pole dancing. This wonderful documentary is directed by Michele Ohayon, who focuses on telling the story of many women from different backgrounds, and shows us their journey as they attend S Factor classes, a program that focusesContinue reading “Strip Down, Rise Up. How pole dancing empowers.”

WandaVision, Ep4, Down the rabbit hole we go

Episode 4 of WandaVision premiered today on Disney+, diving us further into the narrative. This is the one that finally lets us all in on what’s happening outside of Wanda and Vision’s little sitcom tv bubble, and oh we cannot wait where this rabbit hole will lead us. Spoilers after the picture. Episode 4 focusesContinue reading “WandaVision, Ep4, Down the rabbit hole we go”

The Queen’s Gambit deserves all the praise its received

Look, I know The Queen’s Gambit came out back in October, and you’ve probably already heard so many great things about it. Yes. Yes, this series is a masterpiece. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it. There is a reason why it stayed in the top 10 on Netflix for so long. IContinue reading “The Queen’s Gambit deserves all the praise its received”