Resident Evil Village, A Solid New Entry For The Series

As always, I will go ahead and say this will be a non-spoiler review of the game. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on Resident Evil Village which came out last week on multiple platforms. It is the eighth installment of the series following up on the critically acclaimed, Resident Evil Biohazard. I’mContinue reading “Resident Evil Village, A Solid New Entry For The Series”

Jupiter’s Legacy, is it any good?

In a world full of many superhero movies, tv shows, books, comics, and video games, comes Jupiter’s Legacy, another show that falls into the superhero genre, trying to set itself apart from the rest, but is it enough? This is a non-spoiler review. I will start off by saying, I love this genre. Lately, it’sContinue reading “Jupiter’s Legacy, is it any good?”

Amazon Primes Invincible does not hold back any punches!

Woah so where do I begin with this one? I went into the season not knowing what I was getting myself into, and only knew about this show since I heard so many great things about it in the past few weeks. I love the superhero genre which was enough for me to give thisContinue reading “Amazon Primes Invincible does not hold back any punches!”

Our Lucifer viewing guide in preparation for 5b

Lucifer 5b is fast approaching and will be out globally on Netflix, May 28th. The writers for this site have gathered what we feel are the most relevant episodes you should watch before the new season premieres! Grab your popcorn, and check out our list below: Season 1 E6- Favorite Son E9- A Priest WalksContinue reading “Our Lucifer viewing guide in preparation for 5b”

Our Lucifer 5B Teases In One Spot!

So we’ve been pretty busy conjuring up non spoiler teases these past few weeks for you all. We figured we’d make it easier by putting them all in one spot in case you missed any! Below are our word and out of context spoiler teases. Be sure to check out Lucifer S5 part B outContinue reading “Our Lucifer 5B Teases In One Spot!”

Mortal Kombat; Not A Flawless Victory

So, I love the video game series Mortal Kombat and love the original movie from the 90s(pure nostalgia). What did I think of this new movie? It’s alright. It wasn’t the best but it wasn’t garbage either. It’s quite literally somewhere in the middle. Nothing too memorable. This movie did however test our might alright.Continue reading “Mortal Kombat; Not A Flawless Victory”

The Falcon and The Winter Solider; Was It Good?

I’m going to be including spoilers for the series in this mini review/breakdown after the picture. As a whole, there is so much I absolutely loved, and few things I wasn’t too fond of character wise. I’ve been greatly enjoying the Marvel shows that have been debuting on Disney Plus this year. First WandaVision, thenContinue reading “The Falcon and The Winter Solider; Was It Good?”

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Why You Should Be Watching

No spoilers here! So far, there are 4 episodes that have been released weekly for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The show focuses more on an espionage sort of storytelling as opposed to WandaVision which was more heavily involved with magic. The two are vastly different, but deliver in my opinion. If you enjoyed theContinue reading “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Why You Should Be Watching”

Godzilla vs Kong: You Won’t Wanna Miss This Fight!

This will be a non-spoiler review so don’t worry I won’t be giving away any big outcomes from this movie. So, the larger than life blockbuster is finally here! One of the most hyped up battles in recent memory but does it live up to the expectations? In my opinion, YES IT DOES. This isContinue reading “Godzilla vs Kong: You Won’t Wanna Miss This Fight!”