The Boy S2, did it live up to s1?

So I finished watching The Boys s2 since Amazon released the final episode on Friday. Overall, while I do think it was fantastic, I still feel like s1 was far superior and there are a few nitpicks I’ve gotta make for this new season. *SPOILERS FROM HERE ON* So, in a nutshell, this season we’reContinue reading “The Boy S2, did it live up to s1?”

God of War, a gaming masterpiece

I know what you must be thinking, “Damn Godo, but God of War came out in 2018.” Hush. I finally came around to it a few weeks ago since its been sitting in this huge backlog of games I’ve been meaning to play. Nonetheless, I’m glad it was God of War’s turn. I’m very familiarContinue reading “God of War, a gaming masterpiece”

The Boys

Ok so, so I’m all caught up(as of this post ep5), so far the season has been moving fluently even with the new weekly format in which Amazon is releasing them this time around. Some general thoughts, Stormfront and Homelander are a match made in hell. Just pure evil characters that you love to hate.