“Finding ‘Ohana” Is The Adventure We All Could Use Right Now

I had the pleasure of getting to watch this movie before it’s official release on Netflix January 29 and let me tell you: I enjoyed every minute of it. As usual, this review will be spoiler free so that this wild adventure won’t be ruined for anyone. Finding ‘Ohana is about a young girl namedContinue reading ““Finding ‘Ohana” Is The Adventure We All Could Use Right Now”

The Queen’s Gambit deserves all the praise its received

Look, I know The Queen’s Gambit came out back in October, and you’ve probably already heard so many great things about it. Yes. Yes, this series is a masterpiece. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it. There is a reason why it stayed in the top 10 on Netflix for so long. IContinue reading “The Queen’s Gambit deserves all the praise its received”

Malcolm and Marie, an electrifying movie!

I will start off by getting this off my chest right away. Zendaya and John David Washington deserve an awards nomination and I don’t doubt that they will get that. Their performances are the center focus of this film, as we’re led into the personal and intimate relationship between these two characters. They’re the drivingContinue reading “Malcolm and Marie, an electrifying movie!”

Revisiting Lucifer S5 Part A

So, just like you, I too have been waiting (im)patiently for part B of Lucifer season 5 to get an official drop date from Netflix. Unfortunately, due to Covid, post production seems to be working at a snails pace at the moment. So, what can we do in the meantime? Rewatch the show of course!Continue reading “Revisiting Lucifer S5 Part A”

Cobra Kai, new season, new class

Cobra Kai is back with another season! A perfect way to kickstart 2021 in badass fashion. If you loved and enjoyed the first two seasons when they were added back in August 2020 after Netflix acquired the rights to the show, then you’ll enjoy this one too! Netflix surprised viewers by releasing the premiere dateContinue reading “Cobra Kai, new season, new class”

WandaVision, the sitcom we needed?!?

The first two episodes of WandaVision have officially dropped today on Disney+, kicking off MCU’s first series and finally doing away with a year long dry spell for Marvel content. They completely committed to the old school retro 50s sitcom. This genre blend is such a wonderful breath of fresh air, and I admire howContinue reading “WandaVision, the sitcom we needed?!?”

About Wonder Woman 84….

So, just like most, I too sat down with family to watch Wonder Woman 84 at home on Christmas day. Initially, after having watched it, my immediate reaction when it was over was, “Heh, that was alright. Not better than the first one.” As time passed by and the movie marianted into my head, IContinue reading “About Wonder Woman 84….”

“Sweet Home” Is The Monster Show Of 2020

On December 18th, Netflix released a new Korean horror/survival titled Sweet Home. I had known nothing prior to the title until I read the synopsis. My mind immediately went “Wait. I know this. I’ve seen this before”. After reading up on it some more, it dawned on me that this new series is based onContinue reading ““Sweet Home” Is The Monster Show Of 2020″

Giving Voice, an uplifting and inspiring journey

Netflix’s Giving Voice, is a documentary on the August Wilson Monologue Competition, where hundreds of aspiring students compete performing various soliloquys from one of Wilson’s many plays. The competition was created in Wilson’s honor to celebrate his many achievements and impact as a playwright. The documentary gives a beautiful look into the students competing atContinue reading “Giving Voice, an uplifting and inspiring journey”